Five Great Soccer Players Who Have Played Poker Professionally

Five Great Soccer Players Who Have Played Poker Professionally
Ronaldo Nazario playing poker. PHOTO:

In the world of poker, there is no shortage of great names that have had their fair share of the game. The excitement, like in any other games, has seen the likes of great soccer starts indulging in poker games. Much like their prowess on the pitch, some of the great names in soccer have shown their skills and dominance in poker as well.

Like soccer, poker is a game of strategy, but not every other soccer player can excel in both. Over the years, some major stars have played poker professionally; here is a quick look at top soccer stars that have played and excelled in poker.


The legendary Brazilian forward remains to be one of the most successful soccer stars of all times. However, what you might know is that he appreciates his time on poker tables. Ronaldo missed a history-making moment when Cristiano Ronaldo has crowned a three times Ballon d’Or winner, as he was busy in the Bahamas playing poker. By the end of the day, the soccer legend cashed out an impressive $42,180 from the poker tournament.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese professional footballer is among the great names in soccer, amassing an impressive accolades record. The Juventus forward has not only shown his soccer prowess by scoring some of the most fantastic goals but is also a serious poker player. He also happens to be an advocate for poker and even promotes poker Stars tournaments and events.

Teddy Sheringham

Apart from being one of the best English Premier League strikers in the 80’s through to, Teddy Sheringham has dominated in poker as well. He has garnered over $300,000 over his poker career, with 2016’s World Series of Poker Main Event being one of his notable scores. In the event, he took home over $60,000 and was placed 14th, an incredible mark for any poker player.

Gerard Pique

The Spaniard and Barcelona defender is not only incredible on the pitch but also defends his chips well on a poker table. Pique is a regular European Poker Tour player, and in 2011, he scooped an impressive $56,000 win, a performance that shows how good his poker skills can get. His performance record in WSOP Main Event is impressive as well, making him one of the great soccer players who have played poker professionally.

Neymar Jr,

When he is not making history, the most expensive player at a whopping €222 million transfer fee enjoys his time playing poker. While his record cashes out to a sum of €17,810 doesn’t match his weekly earning, it is a clear indication of how good the Brazilian and PSG soccer star is at poker.

With the readily available online poker sites, you can also be a part of the game wherever and whenever you are. With a collection of varying poker games, online poker sites have exciting offers for the people, allowing you to quench your poker thirst and join the great soccer stars in making history. Don’t be left out; sign up and explore the poker world for a chance to pocket some cash and catch some fun.



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