How to Master Each Round of Online Poker Game?

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Poker is complicated if you don’t understand the rules and also guides to play and win the game. You must learn and you can’t master the game when you skip the important elements of online poker game. You should be thankful because you can learn this game online in idn poker and you don’t have to go to the land-based casino at all. If you go to the land-based casino, you can’t learn and there is no free game at all to try so you need to play for real against other players.

3 Important Things About Pre-Flop of Online Poker Game

Luckily, you live in this advanced world where technology can help people in doing anything they want including gambling. You don’t have to ask for a help anymore if you want to master poker and its terminologies. The main important thing of this game is the betting round. idn play has several betting rounds you must do since the beginning to the end until the dealer decides who will win the game by making the high possible combination of hands. However, among all betting rounds, pre-flop must be the most crucial.

Pre-flop can be said as the first betting round you need to do right before flop. In this phase, all players should make their decision whether they want to bet or pass their turn by folding their cards. You need to do something with your 2 cards and each player can have their own determination for it. However, you must realize 3 important things in pre-flop and you have to remember them all so you know how to deal with your hands such as:

  • Equity

It shows how much your hand is worth based on the pot. If you have better hand, it means the equity will be bigger too.

  • Implied odds

Those are the odds you win from the game based on the theory as the poker game progresses because of the mistakes of other players. You can say the implied odds are the potential winnings for the hand you get versus how much money you have to bet to make another call.

  • Position

This is where you are on the game or this is where you sit. Position is divided into three parts which are early position, middle position and late position. You can say that position can refer to the time you can place the bets. If you sit at the later position, you will get more information related to the hands of other opponents. It means, you can be more aggressive when you play in pre-flop betting round.


When you talk about the best hands you can get in poker especially when you want to bet in pre-flop might be the big pocket pairs such as Queen-Queen, King-King and Ace-Ace. Other is the suited connectors but it is not all connectors because you need to choose the big one related to its value. Depending on the situation, not all players will bet or join this round. The main cause is they don’t want to waste their bets if someone does the raise there though they know that the players can trick them all.

Play Online Poker Game in Each Betting Round

Right after pre-flop is done, the dealer will open their 3 cards which are called as community cards and this is known as flop round. You can use those cards to match with your own cards so you can complete the best combination of 5-card hand. In this round, the players will make their own decision again just like in pre-flop. They can call, they can fold and they can raise the bet if they are so confident about their cards. You can also check if you don’t want to place your bets and you want dealer to open the next card.

For those who have good cards will use their chance to raise so it will make other opponents call. This is the best way to gather more chips on the table at once though some players might fold if they think they don’t have any chance at all to win because their cards are totally unmatched. After all players place their bet on the table, the fourth card of community will be open and it is called as turn. It means, the players have around 6 cards to match from 4 community cards and 2 starting hands. However, you must remember that poker is actually the 5-card game.

In other words, you need to make 5-card hand. After that, the last round will begin and it is called River and in this round, the dealer will open the last community card to match. However, before the fifth card is open, you should make another bet again. If there are more than one player who still plays till the end, there will be a showdown. In this round, all players will open their cards so the dealer can decide who win the pot. Whoever makes the best combination of the hand might win the pot except a tie.

Don’t Think Hard on Online Poker Game but Play Simplier

When you make the same combination with other players, the pot is split evenly to the winners. However, this kind of thing is rarely to happen so there is only one winner to get the entire pot. You don’t need to think further and you have to make it simple for yourself. If you think you can’t beat other players with your current hand right now, you just need to fold and you don’t have to force yourself to play and bet just because you need to show to others how professional you are. Poker is not easy at all.

If you think you can handle the situation and your hand might be good enough to compete against other players, you can call and it is better for you not to raise first because you can’t make other players fold. If you want to get much money from online poker game, you have to make them bet more. If you raise since the beginning, other players don’t want to bet even though they have good hands too. That is why, you need to come up with the best strategy to win this game and be the last man standing.

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