Michael Laudrup: The best player of the history of Denmark

Michael Laudrup: The best player of the history of Denmark
Michael Laudrup is the best player in the history of Denmark. PHOTO: Colgadosporelfutbol

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When we talk about the best player in the history of Denmark, his name comes first. Michael Laudrup is surely one of the hundred best players in the history of football. The Dane, with his class, technique, indoor soccer skills, and a vision of the game to place the ball where only he saw, won the hearts of many fans in the 90s, as the banner that always hung in Camp Nou read, under the motto; «Enjoy Laudrup».

Michael Laudrup, the best player in the history of Denmark

Born in Frederiksberg, Denmark, on June 15, 1964. He played for Brondby, Lazio, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Vissel Kobe, and Ajax Amsterdam, participating in a total of 464 official matches and scoring 117 goals. Also, with the Danish national team, with which he debuted at the age of eighteen, he played 104 matches and scored 37 goals.

He played in the 1984 European Championship, the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, the 1988 European Championship, and the 1998 World Cup in France, where he was also included as one of the best players of the tournament. Interestingly, he was not present in the title won against all odds by Denmark in the 1992 European Championship. He shared the national team with his brother Brian, who was also one of the best footballers in the history of Denmark, although with a very different style.

Talking about Michael Laudrup was talking about fantasy on the field, about a video game player, about a show on the pitch. His most characteristic move was to provide a luxury assist while looking at the stands. He had a classic dribble, called the rope dribble, which aimed to dribble past an opponent in the space of a tile, changing the ball from left foot to right and vice versa. He was capable of providing impossible assists, leaving opponents only able to watch in amazement and applaud afterwards. Is the best player in the history of Denmark

The man who succeeded at Barça and Real Madrid.

He was one of the architects of Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team, although he had to leave through the back door, moving to the eternal rival, Real Madrid. It turns out that the Dane participated in the two routs of both teams. In 1994, in Barcelona’s five-zero victory over Real Madrid, the Dane was wearing Barcelona’s shirt and was vital in the rout. A year later, in 1995, with Real Madrid’s shirt, he actively participated in the white revenge, scoring the same goals that Barcelona had scored just a year before, changing the classic in just one year. Having Michael Laudrup was always a guarantee of success.

Then he started his coaching career where he performs with the same success as on the field. If he teaches his pupils the knowledge he developed on the field, the spectacle will be assured, although it will be difficult. There will only ever be one Michael Laudrup.

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