The Top 10 best football players ever of all time

The Top 10 best football players ever of all time
The Top 10 best football players ever of all time

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The ten best soccer players in history. Eternal debate almost always multiple views for everyone. Sometimes, even unfair, because it is never easy to compare a striker with a defender, a medium with a doorman. However, it is common for larger make their mark, their records in the books of history and major football video libraries. So in Hung for football, which we reviewed in our view are the ten best players of all time:

Los diez mejores de la historia según Colgados por el Fútbol
The Top 10 best football players ever of all time

10 – Xavi Hernandez. If the players are measured by their titles no doubt that Xavi should be at the top. Not scorer, not a magician of the ball, but is an essential virtue, it is impossible to take the ball, and on top of that the creator of a game system that until today has proved practically invincible.

9 – Michel Platini. His physique was never the best, but I never did because of its huge lack quality. Possibly the best midfielder of all time. Huge set pieces, with a great sense of the game and a huge scoring ability, the French succeeded wherever he was.

8 – George Best. When nobody wanted to play like him. Women and alcohol deprived him of being one of the largest in history. Also the fact of being Irish and not having a powerful selection. However, what he has done with the ball, no one has been able to do on a football field.

7 – Leo Messi. That an active player and integrates this list speaks to the kind of player we’re trying. Fast and glue in their boots, the ball never escapes this little genius. Your upline also seems endless, and shows, you do not see nothing but their records scorers. From another planet.

6 – Zinedine Zidane. The man of perfect controls. The footballer made beauty. The aesthetics of his accurate passes and incredible dribbling will always remain in the memory of fans. Russian Roulettes, unforgettable heads, was the Frenchman who played the game and did the rest. To make matters worse, the author of one of the greatest goals in the history of football.

5 – Johan Cruyff. One of the executors of total football. For the band, through the center, wherever it was good to exploit his devilish speed. Along with this, a definition of true striker, which won the Golden Ball for three times. The goals that were impossible for him ever.

4 – Franz Beckenbauer. Because defense can also be one of the greats. He showed that it was not necessary always clear, sometimes you had to start the game from the area itself. Perfect cut, elegant control and forceful when necessary, Kaiser changed the definition of defense.

3 – Alfredo Di Stefano. A myth of Real Madrid, to which he gave five European Cups. Rebel, but committed as anyone else, there was nothing he could not do Don Alfredo. It is often said that had defenses, media or front. He had the power to do everything, and well. His only mole was never play a World Cup.

2 – Pele. More than 1000 goals in Brazil, three World Cups, captain of the legendary 60’s Saints and an icon in his country and possibly worldwide. Regates implausible changes of pace from other times, if we consider the best player of all time is solely because he never played in Europe.

1 – Diego Armando Maradona. Possibly the best talent that football has ever produced. A man hit the ball with a charisma beyond doubt. A gold left leg that had the virtue of putting the ball where I wanted. It is said of him, that he won a World Cup and two Serie A titles alone, which says it all.

PS: We feel that the list is not Ronaldo, Cafu, Puskas, Ronaldinho, Romario, Coppa, Baggio and many others that deserve to be.

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