The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, one of the largest stadiums on the planet

The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, one of the largest stadiums on the planet
Rose Bowl, uno de los estadios más grandes del mundo. PHOTO: Wikipedia

For those who think that in America football does not live with the passion of other homes on the planet, should recommend a brief passage through the Los Angeles Rose Bowl. An authentic cathedral of American football and one of the most incredible venues on the entire planet. Built to host football competitions (the Rose Bowl Game) in 1922, this old but beautiful stadium, It has the credentials of having hosted two Olympic Games, in 1932 Y 1948, which speaks very clearly in its category.

The Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, one of the largest stadiums on the planet

Impressive appearance, one of the great peculiarities of Rose Bowl is its enormous capacity, which it has allowed her to host games with more than 100.000 people (today “only fit 92.542), making him for many years the largest soccer stadium in the United States. And it is one of the largest stadiums in the world.

Also known for hosting multiple Superbowl, the most prestigious sporting event in the United States, the “soccer” He has had a small but very important place in the Californian stadium. During six years (1996-2002) it was the home of the Galaxy until its transfer to its current stadium Home Depot Center and here was played one of the best in recent times world: that of USA 1994.

El estadio donde Andrés Escobar se marcó el fatídico autogol

Here, a Colombian player named Andres Escobar He signed his death sentence by scoring a goal that cost his team elimination against the United States. Here, Gica Hagi marked one of The most famous goals in World Cup history by scoring a magnificent center-shot from outside the area that slipped through the top corner of one of the goals of the Los Angeles stage.

Not only that, here it was to Romario and Bebeto Brazil win the first World Cup final decided by penalty kicks, partly, because a “Lobo” He called Zagallo had cast a curse against Roberto Baggio, the man to whom I possibly have the worst memory brings the Rose Bowl.

Named National Historic Landmark, It is also the only stadium next to Rasunda which claims to be home to a male end and a female, because we must not forget that 1999, The United States also on penalties took the women's World to China, in which it was the women's football match with the most public (90.000) for a long time.

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