Lobo Zagallo knew the Baggio would fail decisive penalty in the USA 94

El Lobo Zagallo sabía que Baggio iba a fallar el penalti decisivo en USA 94
Lobo Zagallo knew that Baggio was going to miss the decisive penalty of the USA World Cup 94. FOTO: AS Diary

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He Lobo Zagallo knew that Baggio was going to miss the decisive penalty in the USA 94. The American event did not stand out for being a wonder in terms of good football, but for being played in the US, a place that until then did not stand out for being in love with “Soccer“. The final, disputed between Italy and Brazil in the Los Angeles Rose Bowl, ended without goals and was one of the finals with the least football in World Cup history. Precisamente, in that final that ended the glasses result, the tie to zero, left one of the anecdotes of the World Cup events. Do you know what happened? Let's dive into this unforgettable chapter in football history.

Roberto Baggio and the tragic penalty that left Italy in tears

Roberto Baggio, uno de the best italian footballers of all times, despite all his successes, He will also be remembered forever for a penalty that brought the entire nation to its knees.. It was the final of the FIFA World Cup 1994, and the match was a high-stakes battle between Italy and Brazil.

With a 0-0 tie on the scoreboard and just seconds from the end, Italy had a penalty. All eyes were on Baggio, the team's star forward and penalty taking specialist. It was the moment that could define his career with a world champion title and bring glory to his country..

Sin embargo, in a twist of fate, Baggio's shot went over the crossbar, leaving Italy in tears and Brazil as champion. That devastating ruling haunted Baggio for years, overshadowing his incredible talent and numerous achievements. Today he reminds us that not even the best athletes are immune to the pressures of the game.. This is the story of Roberto Baggio and the tragic penalty that left Italy in despair. And how he Lobo Zagallo knew why he was going to fail.

How and why did Lobo Zagallo know that Roberto Baggio was going to miss the decisive penalty in the USA 94?

Brazil and Italy played the precious United States World Cups on that hot afternoon of 17 de julio de 1994. The match, a monument to blackboard and tactics but not exquisite football, did not leave any goals in 120 minutos que se jugaron, los 90 of the party plus 30 extra time. The penalties, they followed the tone of the match and were also equal, so much that I had to decide everything in the last launch. Italy launched the last and as always, This last penalty was destined for the best player of the Italian team, Roberto Baggio.

Baggio falló el penalti decisivo del Mundial de USA 94
Baggio was preparing to launch the penalty kick. FOTO: Brand

Heck y Wolf Zagallo, the tandem that led Brazil in that World Cup, they had followed the penalty shoot-out from behind, without wanting to look. De repente, it was Baggio's turn, one of the best players in that tournament and the best player in Italy. Brazil had the advantage, yes Baggio scored tied and the round continued, yes Baggio was failing, Brazil would be the new world champion. The tension was chewing in the room.

De repente, Wolf Zagallo he turned quietly and said to Parreira : “now we can look”. The Brazilian coach and the rest of the people around the veteran wolf on the bench, I looked at him surprised. “Why we can look?”, asked the coach, affected by the nerves of the moment. Why Roberto Baggio have 13 letters, fail to”. And Baggio failed.

And Roberto Baggio missed the decisive World Cup USA penalty 94

As everybody know, Baggio sent the ball to the clouds, to the third amphitheater at least and Brazil was proclaimed champion. Luck or some hidden cabal that only dominated the mythical Wolf, they had achieved the impossible. The truth is that statistically The greatest ones almost always miss the decisive penalties although you never know, unless you master some supernatural power. The anecdote, it was written there forever in the history of the World Cups. Yes apart from football, you are a fan of paranormal events, then we recommend that you continue reading “Football and paranormal phenomena”.

penalti decisivo del Mundial de USA 94
This is how Baggio was after missing the penalty. He “Lobo” already knew. FOTO: As

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