Is Russia Spain 2018 equal to or better than 2010?

Is Russia Spain 2018 equal to or better than 2010?
Is Spain better than 2018 que la de 2010? Iniesta wants to say goodbye in style to a great date. Photo: Chain Being

El Mundial de Rusia 2018 It is just around the corner as they say and how every four years illusions and feelings of the participating teams soar. Bettors also soon choose their favorites. And a team that seems to have returned to that short list of favorites by feelings and illusions is Spain. The new selection of Julen Lopetegui promises and aims high with young talented players and if nothing happens, They will be led by a Andres Iniesta facing what will be his last finals. 

A computer that is dazzled by his football and he was able not long ago thrashing a whole selection Argentina 6 goals to 1. A talented team where Isco, Asensio, Saul, Boil, Thiago and many other young, will share the world stage with other famous and seasoned players like Silva, Pique, Ramos, Queen or the player himself albaceteño. Something that makes ask the question many fans Spain Is this better or the same as the World Cup 2010? Many people claim that if.

And it is that few people have forgotten that Iniesta's goal to Holland in extra time world champion made to Spain. One of those games that marked the history of the World Cup as the five proposed . Iniesta himself will play his last great event because it will leave the Barcelona and selection. What better way to repeat the machada ago almost 7 years. Of course that talent will not be. If that selection 2010 It was full of the best generation of Spanish Soccer Players in History (at least until now), to from 2018 not fall short. Although as we always wait for the start of the meeting to see if Spain, It will be 2010.

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