Top Stories of the World Cup 2010

Las mejores anécdotas del Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010
Spain was proclaimed world champion in South Africa 2010. FOTO: Youtube Capture

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The World Cup in South Africa 2010 it was the novelty. Novelty because for the first time played in Africa, in what was the XIX edition of the World Cup. but novelty, above all, because for the first time, Spain was proclaimed world champion. After generations, the dream came true and La Roja dominated the world with a precious positional game where possession and a huge number of talented midfielders commanded an unrepeatable team.

The World Cup in South Africa 2010, that of Spain

Sudáfrica 2010 It started with doubts. They were many who distrusted the seat and whether the works at the stadiums would be ready for such an event. Y lo cierto, it is late, but it was fulfilled. He Soccer City he was the big star, con 94.000 spectators, The stadium tournament being chosen for the opening match and the final, but nine precincts left the South African flag high up.

As usual participated 32 teams divided into eight countries. With hardly any notable absences beyond Suecia one to República Checa, the tournament left and from the group stage are pumps. La primera, the early elimination of France, which it was felled in group A after failing to win a match and score a single goal in a rarefied atmosphere in the dressing room that ended with players, faced the press and Doménech.

France was the bust of the tournament

France was the big disappointment of a first round that also left the pauper role of Italy (eliminated without winning a game against rivals such as Slovakia, Paraguay and New Zealand), both had been the finalists of Germany 2006. Other surprises were the difficult classification of Spain (who lost the first match against Switzerland) and the elimination of Ivory Coast, a favorite that never took advantage of the advantage of playing on their continent.

Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010
Domenech's France failed in South Africa 2010. FOTO: Youtube Capture

The second round witnessed some of the most exciting championship games. Spain got off to Portugal with a solitary goal from Villa. Argentina eliminated 2-1 Mexico and the star shock, Germany thrashed 4-1 England with a new controversy ghost goal this time hurt the British currency giving back what happened in 1966.

The Argentina of Messi and Maradona left the tournament thrashed

Of course, if the second round were entertained, the rooms were unfit for heart. For a start, Uruguay left in the account in extremis Ghana on penalties after an extension of infarct where African missed a penalty caused by the save Luis Suarez. Germany took very loose form (4-0) to an Argentina led on the bench by Diego Armando Maradona and on the field of play Leo Messi, two of the big losers of the great Teuton game.

Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010
Maradona and Messi left South Africa thrashed 2010. FOTO: Direct tv capture

España, again by the minimum he beats Paraguay with another goal from Villa and a maximum penalty stopped by Casillas. The big surprise was Holland, which it eliminated the favorite, Brazil by 1-2 leaving exposed the difficulties in creating game the South Americans punished for a clear error of goalkeeper Julio Cesar.

Four European teams played some intense semifinals. Spain got into the final for the first time in its history with a majestic header from Puyol that surprised the Germans. Holland left behind by Uruguay 3-2 setting an unprecedented finish in a unique setting.

The day Spain touched glory

He 11 July reach the final. Netherlands and Spain seeking their first crown and nerves swept both sets had to resort to the extension. In her, with three minutes remaining, Andres Iniesta take advantage of a pass from Cesc Fabregas to score a goal that won a World Cup and put Spain up to the great and sentenced to a new runner-up Netherlands, the third in its history.

Gol de Iniesta Sudáfrica 2010
This Iniesta goal gave the World Cup in South Africa 2010 to Spain. FOTO: Youtube Capture

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