Top Stories World Cup Spain 1982

Top Stories World Cup Spain 1982
The World Cup in Spain 1982 it was one of the most remembered in history. PHOTO: Telam

Was the World Spain 1982 a unique championship. In it, They gathered the best team that ever played football, the Brazil of Socrates and Zico, the star-studded Spain two years later he would reach the final of Euro. Of course, also the Argentina of an incipient Diego Armando Maradona, or the France of a certain Michel Platini.

Well then, neither of them managed to succeed as much as they did Naranjito y Rossi. The first to become the image, logo and emblem of a final phase of a World. The second, to become a hero for Italy, Italy was not able to win a game in the first phase, pero que una vez más, World champion he proclaimed.

Spain World Cup 1982, un torneo para recordar

Rate of best ever world to that of Spain 1982, it's hard, but the truth is that if it was not, close yes. Because few world together in one group to Italy, Argentina and Brazil, Holy Trinity soccer then. The Italians, the kings of the counter, the artists of the unthinkable. The Argentines, the defending champions in the service of which was for best player ever (the fuzz). Brazilians, the perfect team. Game, toque, combination, magic, art, todo, all inclusive Zico, Falcao, Socrates, Serginho, Junior, Eder least one 9 pure auction off many good tasks.

Spain World Cup 1982: Rossi Naranjito and maybe one of the best ever world
Spain World Cup 82: Rossi Naranjito and maybe one of the best ever world. PHOTO: AS

Monuments had football as Italy 3-Brazil 2 or the epic semifinal Germany-France that ended up working out on penalties after a draw 3 in a crowded Sanchez Pizjuan. Possibly, with him Germany-Italy of the World Cup 70, the best matches ever seen in a World Championship.

A party dog ​​face between two powers which left us to remember an opponent after German goalkeeper Schumacher feet first French Battiston had to come off the bench and that no hazards of life ended in tragedy, under images.

Harald Schumacher staged a nasty tackle to Battiston left him KO.
Harald Schumacher staged a nasty tackle to Battiston left him KO.

The final of the World Cup in Spain 1982 se jugó en el Bernabéu

It ended at the Bernabeu, but the stadiums were the best. Large and prestigious, as the Camp Nou, Vicente Calderón, Mestalla, San Mames and many others. Of course, no shortage of scandals arbitration where the hosts was helped as rarely seen. Ahí está esa aid that served Spain to win Yugoslavia with a penalty marked two meters outside the area and ordered to be repeated after a first failure.

although perhaps, there were more than curiosities were like two brothers defend the colors of the same selection -the case of brothers Victor and Vyacheslav Chanov, alternate gatekeepers both Russia Rinat Dassajev- Hungary will mark 10-1 to the Magico Gonzalez Salvador in what is the biggest win in history, the heir prince of Kuwait and President of the National Football Federation will enter the field with her tunic and turban and got a goal to ring France or Austria and Germany signed a suspicious tables.

Italia se proclamó campeona del mundo con Dino Zoff que batió un récord

Finally, He won Italy, better in recent games and especially successful against Germany, which they beat comfortably in the final with a great Rossi and which served to give them the third World Cup in their history and to crown Zoff as the oldest world champion in history.

World colophon worthy because few have left the imprint itself got leave of Spain. Delusion, a country that make themselves known and powers provided, less Netherlands, fighting for the greatest glory: that of World Champion. Italy took scot, Brazil affection and Spain and Maradona were presented to the world. What more could you?

World Spain 1982
Zoff the oldest world champion in history was proclaimed. PHOTO: Brand
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