Five parties passed into history

Cinco partidos que pasaron a la historia
The Kaiser left this image for the memory in 'The match of the century'. PHOTO: Google

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Which are the games that went down in history? There are no football matches never forget. Parties go down in history for one reason or another. Clashes channeled emotions after a ball, on the green baize of a field, during 90 minutes and sometimes more. That's why, in Colgados five games we want to remind that for one reason or another, were genuine partidazos. Here are five parties that passed into history.

Germany-Italy, the party of the century, without a doubt one of the parties that went down in history

The Party of the Century. Possibly the best semifinal of World Cup history. Front two classic: Germany v Italy. Stage, one of the best stadiums in the world: Azteca in Mexico. Los 90 just minutes tied at 1. From there the madness. Italy goes ahead 3-1, Germans manage to balance the scales and finally Gianni Rivera, the bambino gold, He gives the pass to the finals to neoazurros. Frank Beckenbauer image not miss fighting like a wild boar with his arm in a sling.

partidos que pasaron a la historia
‘The match of the century’ one of the games that went down in history. PHOTO: Odioeternoalfutbolmoerno

Liverpool 3-Milan 3, the reds came back in one of the games that went down in history

Everything seemed doomed to rest. El Milan ganaba 3-0 and the second part was heading to a mere formality before reaching up a new Paolo Maldini European Cup for the "rossoneri". Nothing is further from reality. Liverpool never give up. Istanbul witnessed it. 75 minutes after a penalty shoot, the Liverpool of Benitez was champion of the Champions before Italian incredulity.

Barca 5-Atletico Madrid 4, bitterest four goals Pantic

The following list is not wasted, he 5-4 from Barcelona to Atlético de Madrid in 1997. Four goals athletic star of the moment, Milinko Pantic, They were not enough to topple the Barcelona. Of the best matches in the history of the Copa del Rey, match that we will personally remember apart from being a real game because it was also commenting in Valencia, in Canal 9 by a peculiar but great artist but who had nothing to do with football like Go to Monleon.

los partidos que pasaron a la historia
Luis Enrique and Pizzi celebrate Barça's fifth goal in that epic match. PHOTO: Brand

Liverpool 5- Alavés 4, the best finish ever

The final of the UEFA Cup 2001 it was not just any game, was a monument to football. And to top it all off, in a final. The protagonists, Liverpool and Alaves. The result, says it all. 5-4 in favor of English, aet, goals, tension and a host of events in a game that will never be forgotten.

los partidos que pasaron a la historia
The Alavés line-up that played in the final of the UEFA Cup in 2001. PHOTO:

Spain 4-Yugoslavia 3, the heart of the Euro 2000

Euro ran Holland and Belgium back in 2000, when Spain is virtually eliminated. An initial defeat against Norway after the error Molina, and insufficient victory against Slovenia made the "Red" hang in the balance in its goal to move to quarterfinals. Everything was lost against Yugoslavia absence was winning a minute 2-3.

But as they say in Spain: to tail ... it's all bull. Indeed, selection in a magical final minutes turned the scoreboard first thanks to a penalty from Mendieta, and then thanks to a goal from Alfonso who went mad a whole country. The Spanish team was in the quarters after he 4-3 a Yugoslavia. One of oneThe games that went down in history.

Obviously there have been many more matches that remained in the history of this sport. And you?, what other epic matches do you remember? We read you.

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