Viola and Valencia Luis Aragones

Viola and Valencia Luis Aragones
Viola was the feeling that Valencia 1995-96. PHOTO: Old Poster Don Balon

The faithful fans flocking to Mestalla and already accumulated several decades will remember Viola, that Brazilian center forward who came to despair and love to the Valencia fans in the season 1995-96, that of that Valencia Luis Aragones who fought the Liga with Atletico Madrid until the last day.

Uah Viola, wow Viola

Valencia lived some of the best moments of its history from the late 90 and the beginning of the first decade of the century. In 1995, the Valencia team, It took control services “Vegetable Sage”, hired as coach Luis Aragones umpteenth project a champion Valencia Paco Roig.

In Pedja Mijatovic that team highlighted, star Valencia CF at the time and players like Gálvez, The hour, Romero, Fernando, Arroyo and as, the brazilian Viola. Few players have managed to attract as much attention in a single season as him.. A man who was surprised by his play but also for its celebrations and its controversial hairstyles.


Viola goal celebrations
One of the peculiar celebrations Viola's shirt Valencia. PHOTO: Valencia T-shirts

Paulo Sergio Rosa Viola (1 of January of 1969), It was a Brazilian striker who became even international and FIFA World Cup in USA 94. Just one season later, in 1995 Valencia CF came to where as we have said before, the coach was a certain Luis Aragones.

With Luis Aragonés little joke

The veteran coach, He was a classic and a man little given to extravagance or nonsense.. A man old-fashioned, Humphrey Bogart one Spanish version. The arrival of the Brazilian forward seemed at first like an exotic bet from a Valencia team that finished runners-up that season with a Pedja Mijatovic incommensurable and where Viola He had more participation than it seems.

And that at first the Sage of Hortaleza not have much faith in him Viola, for he went on to say of him that ; “You need to change brain” . In his first months only he played the last minutes of games being a substitute Pepe Galvez played possibly the best season of his career.

But at the end of that course, in the last 11 parties, Viola had to be head by injury and scored Galvez 8 goals in those 11 last matches, giving an authentic display of power, .At definition technique and end their goal balance was 10 so if he had played all season is expected to headline could have increased notably his goalscoring figure.

Every goal scored was a show for the supporters of Mestalla, I enjoyed watching a dance that looked like carnival marked, that distracted the fans chanting him to the tune of “Uah uah Viola Viola“, while the carioca, charmed, He showed all his artistic repertoire.

The arrival of Romario and the departure of Viola

When he began the next season, the 1996/97, he Valencia signed a Romario and for the Wise, a man of old-fashioned, the connection Viola-Romario was too lethal, especially for the clubs of Valencia, so he decided to cut our hero and then have them stiff with Romario and did not finish any of the three of the season.


After, he returned to Brazil to play in a lot of teams, plus a short-lived adventure in Turkey. The last track that we could find, is that has been rolling off the field, given its explosive personality. In it 2006 He was in jail for armed to go, he was denounced by his ex-wife for wanting to take her son illegally.

Viola today
Viola in the XXI century. PHOTO: Brand
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