Real Madrid-Valencia, intimate enemies

Real Madrid-Valencia, intimate enemies

If in the city of Valencia, in a bar any, you are talking about football and jump to the fore the name of Real Madrid, there is a high percentage chance that most people around that table, are red-faced, on and dedicating "lindeces" merengue team.

What some of these people do not know, and others do not agree or unwilling to (depending on the age of the coterie) is that, not so long ago, the city of Valencia, It was full of followers of the Madrid team and only had to attend Mestalla in Valencia - Real Madrid to see the large number of followers of the Santiago Bernabeu team was in the city of Turia.

Proof of this is that, historically, Real Madrid has chosen the Mestalla stadium to play their official matches when it has been sanctioned. If we go back to the season 75-76, a spectator attacked the referee Linemayer (Austria) Once finished the match against Bayern Munich in the European Cup. After the first penalty and relevant resources, finally the thing was a punishment of playing two games away from their stadium were played in what was then called Luis Casanova of Valencia.

Valencia and Real Madrid always vibrant games played. Since the 90 They are knife.
Valencia and Real Madrid always vibrant games played. Since the 90 They are knife.

Without going much, In the season 86-87 Real Madrid was again sanctioned, Interestingly in another match against the German team, this time by throwing objects at visiting goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff. The penalty was a party to more than 300 kms away, which he was also played at the Luis Casanova. As can be seen relations between clubs were not bad precisely, But it took a radical change, a shift for a very specific event and determining.

In 1996 Real Madrid signed which in those days was Pedja Mijatovic the Valencia star, which denied all the signing until the last press conference he gave as Valencia player. Surely Lorenzo Sanz (Real Madrid president at that time) He never thought that this move could deteriorate to such a limit relations between the two clubs.

Superdeporte Valencia's diary leads the rivalry to limit even if they spend decades. Photo:
Superdeporte Valencia's diary leads the rivalry to limit even if they spend decades. Photo:

Thereafter, Real Madrid has tried the signing of several players valencianistas (Mendieta, Ayala, Villa…) but no president of the Valencian entity has gone against the wishes of his fans, who he has never wanted a player of his team was transferred to merengue club. The most notorious was the case of Gaizka Mendieta, which in his transfer to Lazio, It included a clause known as anti-Madrid, to prevent the Italian team made a "bridge" for the arrival of Real Madrid idol valencianista.

Hostility between the two teams is manifest, difficult to go back. Since then, the position of both clubs seem irreconcilable. But it is difficult to remember (and not so long ago) they were two teams which had some sympathy, perhaps because the Valencia coast is one of the favorite places for locals, perhaps because of the large number of descendants Cuenca and Albacete and there in the city of Valencia (which they are overwhelmingly madridistas), But one thing is for sure, No need to have fulfilled many years to have seen Mestalla full of madridistas shirts.

This change of shirt provoked a wave of hatred towards Real Madrid Mestalla.
This change of shirt provoked a wave of hatred towards Real Madrid Mestalla.

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7 thoughts on “Real Madrid-Valencia, intimate enemies

  1. Or one could also argue the signing process itself. During the summer, It was not announced anything because Madrid Lorenzo Sanz simply had no money (There was even talk of relegation to 2ºB if you remember) and was Antenna 3 who paid late. From there, during the summer and again denied signing.
    This fact, also comes hatred and songs that are heard today in Mestalla to A3. And A3Media to Valencia.

  2. When you see that year after year whenever we were playing in the Chamartin stolen penalties, expulsions and goals nullified comes time as happened to me not become more ( make 48 years not floor the Bernabeu now ) and the feeling of disgust and revulsion have left for life.

  3. Article interested and biased reality. Valencia quite simply not swallow to the Madrid, because always when we go to the Bernabeu we play against 14 and always discounted 5 minutes or until dial Madrid.

  4. It is true that the signing of Mijatovic was the one that changed everything, normal antipathy between rival became visceral hatred of Valencia to Madrid, which in my opinion it has led to irrational limits, and that's really negative. Q Anyone with the slightest common sense, He had signed for Madrid, Pedja as a result has passed into history of football with the final goal of mushrooms, something very difficult to get into clubs like Valencia.

    1. We reached two finals and we are on track to fight next year's Champions, maybe that comment back to haunt you for years to come.

  5. Excellent and successful article that describe how they were and how are relations between the two hobbies, at least here, in Valencia. Maybe you should have added some populist discusro of the then president of Valencia and as harangued the masses against Madrid and against the player, and as it diverted attention and after an ill-fated presidency, buttered he left office.
    Very good article, keep it up

    1. He could also have added other leaders have preferred to remain populist and not getting good money for possible players, Mendieta, Ayala, Villa and some more

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