The best numbers 10 of Real Madrid

The best numbers 10 of Real Madrid
Luka Modric is one of the best 10 of the history of Real Madrid. PHOTO:

As Luka Modric gracefully assumes responsibility for the iconic number shirt 10, Follow in the illustrious footsteps of legends who have left an indelible mark on the rich history of Real Madrid. More than just a sports garment, the number 10 represents a symbol of excellence and a tradition of greatness, Worn with pride by those worthy of their distinction

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Wear the coveted jersey number 10 At Real Madrid it means carrying the weight of a history and a
historical legacy. From 1995, several players have indelibly marked their performances, showing off
this iconic number. Who are they and why have they remained in history?? We tell it below.

A list full of idols

Next, We share a list with some of the most notable players who have adorned the Santiago Bernabéu with the mythical number 10.

Ferenc Puskás (1958-1966): the hungarian teacher

This legendary Hungarian striker played a fundamental role between 1958 y 1966. And he accumulated the impressive number of 242 goals in 262 appearances. Although the jersey numbers were not exclusive in those years, Puskás's influence was undeniable. Got 5 La Liga titles and 3 Champions League trophies during his tenure at the club.

Manuel Velazquez (1965-1977): the silent collaborator

Velazquez, a constant force of 1965 a 1977, played a crucial role in Real Madrid's success. Achieved six La Liga titles and one European Cup. His record of 58 goals in 301 matches highlights their regularity and impact on the field of play.

Luis Figo (2000-2005): the portuguese master

In a controversial move from FC Barcelona, Fugó arrived and etched his name in the history of Real Madrid. To win 2 La Liga titles and a Champions League, Figo's versatility as a right winger and forward led him to score 55 goals in 241 appearances.

Michael Laudrup (1994-1996): the danish magician

The Danish playmaker, that had previously dazzled in Barcelona, honored Real Madrid with his ability to 1994 a 1996. While his best years may have been elsewhere, Laudrup managed to contribute significantly, winning a La Liga title and scoring 12 goals in 62 appearances.

Clarence Seedorf (1996-1999): the dutch dynamo

Seedorf joined the club at the age of 20 years and for three seasons he marked 20 goals in 159 parties. The Dutch midfielder added a La Liga title, a Champions League trophy and an Intercontinental title to the illustrious team of Real Madrid.

Robinho (2005-2008): the brazilian showman

The Brazilian forward, known for his style and creativity, left his mark among 2005 y 2008. During his participation in the team he scored 35 goals in 136 appearances. Robinho contributed to two La Liga triumphs during his stay in the Spanish capital.

Wesley Sneijder (2008-2009): the dutch coach

Sneijder, the dutch midfielder, demonstrated his technical prowess during the season 2008-2009, scoring 24 goals in 87 parties. Despite a short step, managed to add a La Liga title to his name.

Mesut Ozil (2010-2013): the german craftsman

Ozil, the german playmaker, took over the number 10 in 2010. In his three years, frame 27 goals in 159 appearances before moving to Arsenal in 2013. Özil contributed to a La Liga victory during his time at Real Madrid and was, surely, one of the favorites on the scommesse sites.

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