Futre's tweet that has not sit well with the Madrid fans

Futre's tweet that has not sit well with the Madrid fans
Paulo Futre opts for Liverpool in the Champions League final next Saturday (Photo: Twitter Futre)

Paulo Futre Portuguese is one of the greatest players in the history of Atletico Madrid. Luso was colchonero for 7 seasons and is a very dear person by the Atletico fans. Now, team continues to defend his soul but also, It has time to attack rival, the real Madrid.

One of his last tweets has been quite commented and has not gone down at all well within the Madrid fans. The Portuguese has uploaded a photo with a shield on which mixes Liverpool and Atletico Madrid with text: “The new shield Atleti continues to generate controversy?”.

In this way, Futre makes it clear which team goes next Saturday in the final of Champions League will face Liverpool and Real Madrid, In case there was any doubt.


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