Five things that happened in the world of football 1998

Five things that happened in the world of football 1998
What things happened in the world of football in 1998? PHOTO: capture Youtube

What happened in the football world in 1998? That year was quite a busy year in the world.. Acts as sad as the beginning of the Second Congo War and the bombing of the US embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, They occurred this year. It was also the year of Titanic, the winning film of 1998 and one of the greats of cinema with 11 Oscars in the edition held that year. It was the year that the Internet, began to settle in many homes and the first embryo of the monster of Google began to see the light. But in this year some relevant events for the history of football occurred. Perhaps it was not the year with the most soccer relevance but it was a year where we can highlight these five points.

The most relevant events in the world of football in 1998

1-Real Madrid is proclaimed champion of the Champions League

Many of us will remember that great final that Real Madrid played at the Amsterdam Arena against the all-powerful Juventus of Del Piero and company. Juve arrived again being the favorite to take the title, but Real Madrid resisted and in the middle of the second half Predrag Mijatovic scored the goal that would later give the victory and the title to the meringues. The long-awaited Seventh that took many decades to arrive.

2-France world champion

France proclaims itself in 1998 world champion for the first time in its history in the championship of which she was host. in the new Stade de France, in Sant-Denis, Zidane's France was proclaimed world soccer champion for the first time after beating Brazil. The scorers of the match were: Zidane (2) y Small (1). The mascot of the tournament It was Footix.

3-One of the great: Diego Armando Maradona

In this year one of the greatest in football retired, many called it ´´D10S´´, but his real name was Diego Armando Maradona. For many people it has been and will be, alongside Pele, the best in the history of world football. This great player has to his credit numerous titles worldwide such as: the World Mexico 86, 2 Scudettos, an Italian Super Cup and an Italian Cup.

Also with the F. C. Barcelona won titles such as a League or a Cup from His Majesty the King. His retirement from elite football was at Boca Juniors. Although he played his last game in 1997, in 1998 after many comings and goings, rumors of his return and the ratification of his sanction for doping, he left football definitively to the 37 years. Later he was Argentina coach. Died in 2020.

4-For the first time they were admitted 32 selections is a soccer World Cup

At France World Cup 98 they were admitted for the first time 32 selections, that were divided into a first round of 8 groups, where the first two ranked.

5-The D. C. United wins CONCACAF Champions Cup

The D. C. United were proclaimed champion by defeating Toluca. It was the first American club to win an international tournament.

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