Luis Aragones: the Sage of Hortaleza who created a new football

Luis Aragones: the Sage of Hortaleza who created a new football
Luis Aragones, Spanish football history. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Luis Aragones He never left anyone indifferent. Its continuous tone output, his apparent bad-tempered character and the lack of an affable temperament made him a wayward character. But that was on paper because those who knew him say, that in short distances he was one of the best people in the world.

That is why he was loved by some and hated by others., as it is common in these cases. born in full Civil war (1938) in the Madrid town of Vegetable, It was always called the Sage of this town, also without really knowing the reasons. Louis passed away on 1 February 2014 to the 75 years and gave way to the legend of one of the most important characters in the history of Spanish football. Definitely.

Luis Aragones, the Sage of Hortaleza

He started playing late 50 Getafe and ironies of life also in the Real Madrid, club in which was a very short time before emigrating to Huelva. It was a wanderer in its infancy. The Hercules, Ubeda, Real Oviedo, Betis…there were many sets for which he wandered until 1964 he joined his beloved team: Atlético de Madrid.

It was there ten years. The best of his playing career. Interior right with remarkable vision of the game with colchoneros soon intoned with athletic. His battle-hardened character, If fineness, its elegance and class, allowing you to run that kicks and penalties with a special skill, They gave titles, affection with people and even a Pichichi Trophy. But above all, the fact and the possibility of becoming a world figure. Thirteen times international, its zenith as a player came in the final of the European Cup 74, that Atletico lost to Bayern by 4-0 in the tiebreaker after tying in Brussels one goal Zapatones included.

The famous goal by Luis Aragones to Bayern in the final of the European Cup 74.
The famous goal by Luis Aragones to Bayern in the final of the European Cup 74. PHOTO: capture Youtube

Zapatones for so they called this genius of the ball that had a peculiar way of seeing football. This year 74 It was curiously its zenith and final year as a player, because this season decided to take the reins as coach and begin a long and extensive career as mister.

He went from the field to the benches

I can not say if it was better as a player or as a coach and seeing both race to find similarities. He began training at the banks of the Manzanares with which he won the Intercontinental 1974 and the league of 1977 before heading back to Betis and another five years to Calderón, which he would give two more Cup titles.

He stepped on the Camp Nou where he won a new Cup and was one of the protagonists of the famous “Hesperia Mutiny” (where the entire workforce least three players called for the resignation of Nuñez), also Sarriá, Oviedo, Valencia, Mallorca, and many other Spanish cities besides not few laps to colchonero box.

A full team career reached its summit with the call 2004 Angel Maria Villar to take charge of the selection. After many hesitations, after a Germany World Cup 2006 disappointing, after leaving out Rául, Canizares and some other illustrious more, Aragones finally gave some clue that was to be called the Wise.

In a Spain without certain footballing course he prompted a new way of playing based on touch and movement (his famous phrase the ball has music), putting to good together even if they had to be four midfielders and without bands. A Spain that also gave identity (He christened the Red) and the one who made champion of the Euro Cup 2008 playing and competing like never before. His are the bases of the team that he would later make champion Vicente del Bosque.

Then came Turkey, some give and take with Villar and the media. But it didn't matter. The work was finished. Spain had managed to become champion, and it was thanks to him. Something nobody will never forget and that will serve to stay forever and ever in Spanish football Olimpo. In the early hours of 1 February 2014, the Sage left for heaven to share his knowledge with those who were already there. Undoubtedly one of the biggest Spanish football is already a legend.

Some of the anecdotes of his career

75 years go far and Luis Aragones has starred in quite a few incidents and curiosities with notable players and colleagues. We look at the top five:

– Romario and the famous “look into my eyes”. In his time as Valencia coach coincided with the Brazilian star who had the vitola world champion and night out and train when he felt like it. Aragones cut short that with a threat in front of televisions that Brazilian striker understood very quickly. So he went immediately.

Aragones staged a riff raff Romario.
Aragones staged a riff raff Romario.

– Reyes, Henry and “tell the black that you are better”. Training with the national team and kings as Arsenal player. Seville acomplejado seemed to Henry on his arrival at Highbury. Aragones gave him the keys to how to deal, although this earned him strong criticism on the grounds that he had been through racist behavior. Reyes died in a car accident on 1 June 2019.

– Zarandeo a Eto'o. Cameroon had been replaced in the Romareada and went to the bench swearing in Hebrew to understand that it was a bad decision. Sage nipped in the bud and shook him and grabbed his shirtfront. From there, They became great friends.

– The man who pushed Raul selection: Gossips say that a defeat in Northern Ireland broke the camel's patience with Raul Aragones and Cañizares. He 7 He had become a problem and there were many who accused him of disrupting the group and its level was no longer being adequate Villa in better shape than he. Remove it was a setback because he had to face the press, but Aragones gave him the same and already never summoned more.

– His famous dentures. Heavy smoker, He boasted of white false teeth that as such he could take out and enter his mouth without problem. The problem is that once did on a bench with television as a witness.

-“Wallace has been injured”. It is undoubtedly one of his most famous phrases in the well-known talk he gave to the footballers before the final of the European Championship in 2008. He was clearly referring to Ballack but the Wise One knew how to mentalize his footballers.


The best quotes Luis Aragones

– "Go to shit asshole, fool, you're a jerk and such " ( a journalist at an airport).

– "Raul has been an extraordinary player, media and such ".

– "I have not me Raul dropped his pants and such".

"How many has won global Raul and such? The same as Oleguer and such ".

– "Kill me but not you lie to me '.

– "I have the ass that I do not fit or hair of a shrimp".

– "I have the pelao and such ass'.

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