What equipment you drop worse?

¿Qué equipo te cae peor?
Which teams fall worst in Spain? PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Last update 2 February, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

What are the most hated teams in Spain? Suffice it to point out that this article does not go against any team at all., city ​​and even fewer fans. However, Who has not ever wanted to demote such equipment for one reason or another? That mysterious question is what we intend to solve today at Colgados por el Fútbol through a curious survey that allows us to point out what teams are the most hated in Spain for different reasons.

Most hated teams Spain

Definitely, a first group of favorites to respond would be great. In a league that has been unequal for years, There are many pests and begin to take their clear superiority. Multi-million dollar budgets, massive covers, marketing to gogó… make the public increasingly detest Real Madrid and Barcelona, that also represent a lot of people accused centralism and nationalism respectively.

One of the essential elements to answer the question of the title can be the bad game. There are certain teams in Spanish football that hardly offer a show and whose presence on television is synonymous with boredom due to their clear defensive vocation.. The case of teams where efficiency prevails over the ‘Beautiful game‘.

If something usually gives anger many fans see fields First is low or empty hobby. There's the case of the Getafe, team with little fans. Who has not ever thought that a team with a greater social mass could be in its place?? We talked about little social mass, But we could also talk about people or small teams as . Perhaps the Eibar and Villarreal are examples of sets representing small populations under 50.000 population, not to mention the Lightning, which directly it represents a district that has a stadium without even a background.

So far we have talked about small teams, but other rivalries which make them be bad regarded. In sevilla, Some admire Betis and others Sevilla FC who live in one of the best known rivalries in the world of football. In Galicia, that rivalry moves to Sport-Celtic. Rivalries that influence when hate a team as its origin. For many years, many people did not have the slightest affection for Athletic or Real Sociedad for its potential identification with political issues at the time. the rivalry that exists in places like Asturias is not far despite bringing many years without a derby match in the top flight, not even one among the top teams and rivalries that live in Andalucia. also live intensely insular rivalry between Tenerife and Las Palmas.

As we see, there is always a reason to hate and wish lowering the eternal enemy. But, really, What is the team that hates the amateur league and would come down to Second?

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27 thoughts on “What equipment you drop worse?

  1. I hate betis because he's a walking meme. His hobby is full of ignorant people who claim, in an arrogant way, that his “feeling” it is purer than the others. Luckily football always puts them in their place.

  2. IOL which segurata muletazos with old dyed blonde who shot the knife benjamín the drunkard who wanted to beat prats, Pantoja paquirrin the endo creatures gather signatures for the nest that was not going to the slammer ja Jajah that's a circus

  3. I hate the clubs that use of witchcraft and black magic to weaken other teams and have a suspicious luck in all aspects. My vote goes for ………….spanker.

  4. Interesting but lack a very important factor. Envy which gets protrude from the pile, Very typical of Spain: Mal of many, comfort all. They hate the two great but if any of the less great start to win titles and awards, automatically creates hatred against. This explains why the Sevilla go second most hated team, ahead of the Barcelona.

  5. lol to Betis he does not know because he is a loser nadiee up and down up and down like a lift!ha ha ha

  6. The deporculo making him the honors to the Farca, Madrid pathetic and the almighty Baboon.

  7. Er betiweno I want to lose to the bus, for the circus if they are good, the bread of, who smokes through the eye, that of the tetravik, Rifavac…..

  8. Must vote Sevilla Valencia and Barcelona think are the most guarros teams there and less honor of our league, are teams that if not helps them get nothing, especially barcelona I would be ashamed to be of the farce.

  9. Be not!! my Sevilla there loudly, sign that we are doing things right and caused envy.


      1. adulterated? your little football not understand? denotas that or are you Barsa or the patetico….cherub

  10. the Villamuil village of Gijon. they do not pay. buy games. the pathetic hobby ye.

    1. You really are pathetic…all are pathetic in Oviedo,Envious and over creeis algo.En Asturias cos you can not see or god. Vote for the Madrid Tovia hate more

  11. Actel look, please ha ha ha ha ha the Athletit the best in the world yet you jodaaaaa……..

  12. The f.c.no Cerdilla kiero q down to second , kiero q disappears from the globo.PUTASEVILLA……. LONG LIVE MY BETII-

    1. It is nicer enjoy your team, to wish evil to the well suffer defeats rival porq your team and the opponent wins, and your creature case you have all the ballots pa suffer much

        1. How brave you are, to see if you dare say that to my face, COWARD!! pica truth? be beaten down there by your rival, because you have nothing left… 😀

    2. Well, you stay with the desire. A Sevilla FC you have to kiss his egg shit those of the masque

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