The day should not come

The day should not come

Now it is fashionable to talk about refereeing errors. Unexplained failures and decide parties and give away points to each other should remember what is one of the biggest refereeing scandals in football history. It happened in the season 1972-73 in Brazil in the final of the Sao Paulo state championship that year. The protagonists two historic teams: Santos and Portuguesa, the antagonist, Armando Marques, Tonight's meeting that celebrated and remembered. An arbitrator loved by many, in fact, He was considered the best of times and hated by others, They are cursing their clamorous mistakes in life or death matches.

It was a minor encounter this end of the Paulista. Santos was the big team in the country at that time partly because it had the great Pele, and in his last moments of his more brilliant career. The Portuguese was the surprise team. He had reached the final and was looking for a title that did not belong to him from 1936. The arrival of Otto Glória the bench had dynamited a staff thought possible miracle.

So in this context the final that ended tie to be played 0 despite attempts Pele and his companions by opening the scoring. At that moment came extra time and penalties hopelessly. Well if you expect to find scandal in the game or failing in overtime, they are wrong. If anything has shown football along its centennial history is that everything is possible and that night everything was more possible than ever.

Santos began the round failing just as the Portuguese. In the second round of releases, Santos scored and the Portuguese failed, something that was repeated in the third when Pele put the 2-0 for Santos and Portuguesa he missed his third maximum punishment again. With 2-0, Santos undertook his fourth release also failed. The Portuguese he had two releases and its maximum but legitimate aspiration was tying 2 the Serie.

As well, There was no way. Armando Marques chose the fast track and sealed the match and the tournament for unbelief tier. Santos players celebrated in style manteando Pele throughout the stadium “making the clueless”, while the Portuguese players headed to the locker room to analyze what happened. Precisely, in the locker room the referee realized his mistake and after reviewing the record called the players from Santos to finish the round, thing that they agreed. Also those of the Portuguese, which, but nevertheless, they were no longer in it. They had left just after, as well “making the clueless” in an effort to repeat the meeting or penalties full, as he marked FIFA in its rules.

Finally it was not necessary. Both clubs agreed to share title and is therefore, in the history of the Paulista listed as champions 1973 the two teams. are met 40 years in this 2013 of that fact. Hanging by the Football wistfully remembers, the same with which recently met the protagonists of that, except Mr. Armando Marques.

Julio Muñoz

Julio Muñoz

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