World openings that left track forever

World openings that left track forever
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Which are the best World Cup openings in history? The opening ceremonies and opening meetings are usually the great welcome that the organizing country gives to the world to present its competition, in this case, world. Along the history, there have been spectacular ceremonies and emotional matches that will leave an eternal memory. In this regard, it should be noted that there have been two criteria for traditionally choosing which teams played the first match.: the host team or the one that was defending champion. We remember the most attractive opening duels as well as some of the best photos of the opening party:

World Cup openings that went down in history

1-Uruguay World Cup 1930:

France won 4-1 to Mexico in the first World Cup match in history in the already distant 1930. The most curious thing of all is that this duel was played in Central Park and not in the centenary stadium Well, I wasn't quite ready.. Stábile scored the first goal in the history of the world championships. Worth seeing was the parade of the national teams.

World Cup openings
The Uruguay ceremony 1930 it was totally different from the new times. PHOTO: Google

2- Italy World Cup 1934:

Italy put him 7 goals to the United States in the premiere of their championship. Of course, everything came and was marked by the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini, which caused such striking scenes as the referees themselves giving the fascist salute to the authorities' box.. Definitely, They were different times.

Hasta los árbitros imitaban el saludo fascista para contentar al "Duce".
Even the referees imitated the fascist salute to satisfy the “Duce”. PHOTO: Google

3- World Argentina 1978:

The Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires hosted the championship that was going to give Argentina the first world title. Playing at home, with another regime like Videla's, the albicelestes felt covered at all times. It wasn't them, however, those who opened the tournament, but Germany that tied 0 with Poland.

World Cup Openings
Argentina organized a World Cup marked by the Videla dictatorship. PHOTO: Google

4- World Spain 1982:

Naranjito and a packed Camp Nou opened the championship that showed that Spain was a modern country and open to the world. Brazil won 2-1 Scotland in the first match of an absolutely unforgettable tournament.

The inauguration of Spain 1982
The world Cup 82 it was one of the most beautiful in history. PHOTO: Brand

5- Italy World Cup 1990:

Maradona's Argentina went to Italy in search of revalidating the crown of Mexico 86. His start against Cameroon seemed like an easy match. But everything was complicated with a header from Oman Biyik who took advantage of a tremendous error by Nery Pumpido. Curiously, the Argentine goalkeeper would be the sad protagonist of the duel, Well, he was injured and couldn't play anymore, leaving the remembered one in his place Sergio Goycochea.

Nery Pumpido failed miserably in Argentina's defeat against Cameroon.
Nery Pumpido failed miserably in Argentina's defeat against Cameroon. PHOTO: Brand
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