All calls for Spain in World Cup history

All calls for Spain in World Cup history

The Spanish football team already qualified for the next World Cup in Brazil. It will be the 14th time the Red is in a final phase of a World as whenever this occurs, one of the great mysteries will clear the 23 Del Bosque men who lead with intent to defend the crown brilliantly achieved in South Africa.

As tribute, We remember what were all the calls that Spain has been throughout its history to the World. A single champion, many good, others not so much.

World Italy 1934:

It was the first World Cup call. Ricardo Zamora big star, but Jacinto Quincoces or Isidro Langara bulwarks of a team that reached the quarter-finals and was so sadly away to Italy after an embarrassing performance arbitration.

World Brazil 1950 :

To South Africa this was the best performance of Spain in a World Cup semi-finals with a brilliant. Partly, because the goal was Ramallets, Eizaguirre, Puchades in the middle and above a certain Zarra or Panizo, besides Gaínza or Molowny.

World Chile 1962:

It should first say all contained Alfredo Di Stefano, I was summoned but could not play because of injury before the first match. And it can be said that it is incomprehensible that after a selection with Luis Suarez, Jose Santamaria, Puskas, Eulogio Martinez and Francisco Gento not even got the pass to the quarterfinals, more when all was run by Helenio Herrera.

England World Cup 1966:

Lapetra, Amancio Amaro, Iribar, Suarez, another good team again failed miserably in its goal of getting away. The draw was not good, acting either. Triplet luxury in goal.

World Argentina 1978:

A great team with Arconada, Urruticoechea and Michelangelo in goal and a tip with Santillana, Charly Rexach Rubén Cano or. Until Cardeñosa error is remembered not prevent Spain did not get back to a worthy role of hand Ladislao Kubala.

World Spain 1982:

At home and again ridiculous and good, especially because the template was luxury as then demonstrated two years later with a similar reaching the final of Euro 1984. Santilla, Quini, Juanito, Jolly Alonso, Camacho, Gordillo and Maceda for failing to win or Northern Ireland. Amazing. Perhaps, the pressure.

World Mexico 1986:

The World 1986 It was possibly one of the great missed opportunities to win a World. Michel, Butragueña, Zubizarreta, and long list of world-class players were available to achieve the pass to the semifinals. It could not be. A penalty missed by Eloy Olaya deprived of such a possibility.

World Italy 1990:

Luis Suarez had a powerful team based on the Quinta del Vulture to try to do important things. A team where Butragueño, Michel and Bakero should take the lead. But nevertheless, Yugoslavia in the second round out of the way to a Spain that did not play well almost no time.

World US 1994:

The first of the two World led by Javier Clemente. A very physical team (perhaps the most in history) where the quality of the contributed Pep Guardiola and above all an excellent José Luis Caminero, one of the best players in that tournament. The essence was Dream Team, Julio Salinas included in the top.

World France 1998:

There was everything and all good. Javi Clemente was fortunate to lead a team that combined physical talent, veteranía with youth, but he ended up leaving for home at the first hurdle after failing to win over Nigeria and Paraguay.

Korea and Japan World 2002:

Penalties and a new controversial arbitration proceedings away to Spain of a new opportunity to achieve something great. Possibly, along with Italy 34, Mexico 86 and the United States 94 the times that the closer was to lift the cup championship. He excelled convening De Pedro, fixed, on that computer, and a Diego Tristan, in grace that year. Camacho was the coach and famous are their sweat caused by the high temperatures of these latitudes.

World Cup 2006:

The end of the curse. The last call for Raul, Salgado or Cañizares. The beginning of the revolution, Touch Football proposed for Wise Football, the Hortaleza. He eliminated France to Spain that at times played well but stumbled again with Zidane.

World 2010:

The best goalkeepers in the world, the best defenders and midfielders in the world and David Villa. Look where you look, This is possibly the best generation of footballers call and not a few options on the pitch. maybe, one draw. It was a little hardware. Vicente del Bosque pulling the strings of this equipazo.

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