World Top Stories from Switzerland 1954

World Top Stories from Switzerland 1954

It was the first World Cup with Brazil yellow after shake off that damned white, for many causes of Maracanazo. Was the return of Germany to the World Championships after the sanction imposed by World War II. Which also he marked the first defeat of Uruguay in a World Cup, 24 years after dispute it for the first time. But it was, especially, Tournament Hungary, the staging of arguably the best team that has given football.

During the world war only Switzerland ensured in the Old Continent dispute a championship in conditions and this allowed him to host one of the most interesting issues of history, but most. There was partidazos, great players and everything that should have a tournament of this caliber. They participated 16 teams with important exceptions such as Argentina (who he was not involved in protest at the election headquarters) and Spain, who a Roman boy named Franco Gemma pushed him away with the famous hand innocent after the Spanish team would have tied their playoff tie with Turkey ranking.

Franco Gemma envío a España a casa con su "mano inocente".
Gemma Franco sent to Spain home with his “hand innocent”.

Four groups of four teams filled completely arbitrary first stage that left several moments to remember. The colossal performance of Hungary who finished unbeaten in Group B with a resounding 9-0 to Korea and no less spectacular 8-3 to Germany with a powerful front full system class Puskas, Czibor, Kocsis P.. A well-oiled machine that played a fast football, seamless and very goal. A game of attack who had proclaimed Olympic champion 1952 and he had left his letter in Wembley a year before the first non-British team to win and achieve a clear 3-6.

Spectacular first phase of the Magyars team that culminated in qualification for rooms with seven favorites, among them, Brazil, who curiously would be his rival in the penultimate round. A round that would yield one of the most famous games in history, the Battle of Berne, a grueling match that up with three expelled, very violent inputs and one end tangana in the dressing which lead to a Hungarian unconscious player and end the coach magiar four stitches in the head. Puskas bottle releases completed a rival party ended 4-2 for Hungary and semi-finals.

The Battle of Berne represented one of the toughest games in history.
The Battle of Berne represented one of the toughest games in history.

Semifinal Hungary would also like protagonist would play as one of the most beautiful in recent memory semifinals. A 4-2 doublet to Uruguay with Kocsis in overtime in a game round that would mean the first loss on a celeste world championship.

Of course, the big moment was to be the final. The Wankdorf Stadium in Bern was hosting what is known as the “Miracle of Bern”. German resurrection to a losing party would 2-0 eight minutes against a team that had not lost in the last four years. A historic feat led by Fritz Walter, Captain, y Rahn, the author of the last two goals, the last one to six minutes from the end of a second part where the Germans are better adapted to the pitch totally wet thanks to special boots grip created by a fellow named Adi Dassler, Adidas founder. A final which meant keeping bottles of wine prepared for the feast anticipated the “team gold” and end their unbeaten 33 matches.

In the current stadium Wankdorf a photograph recalls the Miracle of Bern.
In the current stadium Wankdorf a photograph recalls the Miracle of Bern.

It was the epilogue of a World Cup that brought the first German victory and the beginning of television broadcasts of the championship. Total, eight countries were fortunate to see in Europe is arguably the greatest World.

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