the Maracanazo, the day Brazil cried

the Maracanazo, the day Brazil cried

Hanging by the Football revive one of the great moments of football: the Maracanazo. That World Cup final 1950 played in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, which ended up giving the second world title to Uruguay at the expense of a host, Brazil, esfumar saw the dream of winning his first world championship at home.

The Maracana was conceived one 16 July 1950. It was actually not an end itself, but it was the last game of the finals bringing together the four best teams on the planet. Spain qualified for her, Sweden, Brazil and Uruguay, These last two sets were presented to the last game as the only teams that could aspire to lift the world title.


Uruguay had tied with Spain 2 and he had managed to beat the Swedes 3-2, so I had 3 points. Meanwhile, Brazil had thrashed Sweden 7-1 and Spain by 6-1, whereby the leading group 4 points, one more than Uruguay. Everything seemed well prepared for Brazilians beat the World, tie it gave them the title.

A sporting level, the spectacular thrashings endorsed the two European teams made Brazil a selection to fear. Its initial thrust (sheltered by the unconditional supporters), technique and a number of great players like Zizinho presaged an easy home win. further, a year before, Brazil had been able to beat Uruguay twice (in one with a hand including), and to win the America's Cup.

On the social level, the whole country was convinced that this time, Brazil would be his first World Cup. flyers, shirts with victory celebrations (until 500.000 sold shirts with the slogan champion Brazil) and even newspapers headlined the Brazilian victory in advance, They did live across the country in an atmosphere of optimism.

In this environment and under these parameters the match was played in the Maracana, filled to the brim with over 173.000 people willing to support your selection. unconditional support remained until the break, which ended tied at 0, despite the continuous arrivals area for Brazil.

Maracana full 1950

But nevertheless, this climate of euphoria would become only drama 45 minutes later. Although Brazil took the marker to the jubilation “Torcida” Brazilian with both Friança very beginning of the second, act, Alberto Schiaffino put the Juan uncertainty on the scoreboard to tie the game at the minute 66. A goal that left the Brazilian fans cold, anxious about the outcome.

that trouble, but nevertheless, It was going to turn into tragedy, when the minute 79 Edgardo Ghiggia could beat the goalkeeper Barbosa for a strike and place the 1-2 the score. A result that gave the title to the Uruguayans and left totally silent Maracana. Not enough the next ten minutes from the goal to the end to reverse the situation and to console a stadium and the whole country that came down between tears and cries of control.

Maracanazo goal

Celeste final victory marked the second world title of charruas and the biggest disappointment of a local team in its history. Such was the impact of that party, from that moment, Brazil decided to change his classic white uniform, by yellow, in order to find luckier.

further, The match marked forever left two players: Ghiggia, as the goalscorer and the man who managed to silence the Maracana (Theirs is the phrase that “solo 3 people have managed to silence the stadium: Sinatra, Pope and”). And also the goalkeeper Barbosa, From there it was regarded as an icon of bad luck and a drag on the country for its alleged error in both Ghiggia. paradoxically, Brazilian goalkeeper was voted best goalkeeper of this world.

Sport. Football. 1950, World Cup Finals.                        (Rio de Janeiro). Brazil. Uruguay 2 v Brazil 1.

However, this match could not be understood without the great performance of Obdulio Varela, Captain celestial and spiritual architect of victory. He was the frame of mind to the team that it was possible victory, and yours is the phrase for posterity that "do not think about all those people, not look up, The game is played down, and if we win it will not pass anything, nothing ever happened. Outsiders are stick and the field will be eleven for the eleven. The match is won with eggs on the tips of his boots”

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