April 11, 2021
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    ALFREDO Rovayo


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    Dear, the truth is not where this information came. I think it really is quasi slander the history of football Uruguay probably result from ignorance of information handled. I'm the reason my comment. Uruguay football had essentially two stages: first 30 twentieth century and the second half of the twentieth century. In both premium, Uruguay had two global benchmarks considered perhaps the best in the world: Scarone (mentioned and considered the best 10 of the time) and Piendibene (not mentioned and considered the best 9 of the time AND ONE OF THE BEST 9 HISTORY-creator “pared” in football). Undoubtedly this stage, validated by international glasses obtained, It was the time most relative influence of Uruguayan football in the world. Surely they could list many players considered the best in the world and the time (Andrade or Nasazzi are example). The second half of the twentieth century, great victories represented as Maracana, but our players ever at that time were considered the best in the world. However no one can question the ability of Schiaffino or Obdulio Varela, but honestly compare them with previous touches almost immorality. I met players from the era of national quinqueño, who played against the two mentioned, and also they came to watch and play against Scarone almost retired, and they said: It was from another planet. And I did not mention the new benchmarks mentioned football, the truth is only in this generation… but we are erring very ugly if we even close to the monumental of those who built our pride. those men, fruit of a country and very different from today's reality time is absolutely unique. A hug

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    Pathetic and tito A this space kagada


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