Disappointments in Brazil 2014

Las decepciones de Brasil 2014
Spain was undoubtedly one of Brazil's biggest disappointments 2014. FOTO: Youtube Capture

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Who were the great disappointments of the World Cup in Brazil 2014? The World Cup that was played in the country of Rio de Janeiro left many anecdotes and stories, joys and disappointments. Precisamente, we want to talk about the latter. Jugadores, selections and coaches who did not meet the expectations that had been placed on them. We review 5 points.

The great disappointments of the World Cup in Brazil 2014


The hosts were definitely the maximum candidate for the title tradition, history and playing at home. With a team full of deficiencies, especially in the attack zone, the Brazilians left many doubts from the first game in which they beat Croacia thanks to a fairly biased arbitration in favor of the locals. Después, fortune saved them from being eliminated in the second round against Chile where if the shot Pinilla, Chilean player, He had entered instead of hitting the crossbar in the last minute of extra time, the story would have been different.

The win against Colombia, another arbitration Velasco Carballo home led them to the semifinals where Brazilians received corrective largest in its history to embedding a strong 1-7 to Germany. The consolation match did not fare very well either and the Netherlands endorsed them another serious corrective to the beat by 0-3. After the fiasco presumed major changes in the Brazilian national team.

2-España, Inglaterra, Italy and Portugal

Germany was the first European champion in an American World Cup but the role of European teams was not the best that could be expected but tell that to these four major European teams. Los españoles, They are arriving as champions of the World Brazil, They made the most regrettable role in Spanish history in a World Cup as being the worst in its history 14 World who have played.

Goleados Holland and surpassed by Chile, they could only win Australia and were eliminated in the first round of the tournament. Ditto for English, Italian and Portuguese whose role was the same as that of Spain, home to the first exchange.

The Italians succumbed to Costa Rica just like the English while Cristiano's Portugal had a discreet step due mainly to the win in the first game against Germany that ultimately cost them elimination.

3- Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Suarez

Other great players did not perform what was expected of them in Brasil 2014 but the level of these 3, in the World Top, did expect much more from them. Messi was named best of the tournament in a prize that not even he himself can believe, Come on, not even FIFA itself believed it because it did not include it in the 11 ideal and gave him the award for the best player.

The Argentine was not by far the best of the tournament and his appointment by an increasingly less credible FIFA seemed to respond more to extra-sports issues than what the star showed on the pitch. Accustomed to see a guy from another planet, Messi, faltered that year and in the World Cup despite starting off on the right foot in the first phase, their magic remained in the most important matches, especially in the semi-final and the final, where they ended up disappearing and wandering around the field.

Christian with 29 años en ese momento, also went through the same with more pain than glory. He stressed more by the amount of hair that looked to by goals scored. He left his third World Cup with just one goal and as in the other two with more pain than glory.

Luis Suarez lost his head. His bite to Chiellini was as absurd as it was unnecessary. Italian is not a saint, It is a hard and tough guy but the bite of Suarez had no reason especially when enrollment had already taken for being a repeat offender in this type of action.

It was the third time that the Uruguayan had bitten someone and paid dearly with a hard sanction that will lead to many problems for four months. Por supuesto, Uruguay paid very expensive their absence and was eliminated in the second round to not being able with the player himself had qualified them for the next round.

4-FIFA and the organization of the Mundial

FIFA lost credit to forced marches. arbitrations nefarious, Permissive before chilling and all entries by order of the governing body of world football, with instructions to the referees to take out few cards or the controversial designations of the Gold Glove and especially the Balón de Oro to players who were sponsored by a sports equipment giant that coincidentally sponsored the prizes.

5-The worst level of the Asian and African football

He Brazil World Cup 2014 confirmed that in Asia and Africa they play a different football. None of the Asian teams managed to win a match. neither Iran, ni Japan neither South Korea nor Australia that despite belonging to Oceania participated as an Asian team, They managed to win one game.

The Africans did not fare much better and only Algeria saved the pride making a world far above what was expected of them. Nigeria reached the second round but more loose level of your group on merit while Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast did not go beyond the first round.

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