The Brazil of the USA 94, the most “europea” of history

La Brasil de USA 94, la más “europea” de la historia
Romario with the World Cup 1994. He was the star of that Brazil full of good footballers. FOTO: 20min

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The Brazil of the USA 94 She will not go down in history for being the one that played the best, but she put her name on the list of successes of the team with the most world crowns in history.. Y es que “The canarinha” It is without a doubt the World Cup Team. The first trophy was lifted in 1958 en el Sweden World Cup and the second in Chile in the following championship, en 1962. They did not manage to make a consecutive triplet and even Mexico 1970 they did not sit on the throne again. But no one expected that 24 years would have to pass for Brazil to win again. I would do it in the USA, in a World Cup that is undoubtedly the one most remembered by Brazilians, and around the world. En 1994 emerged as champion in a closely contested final against Italy that they won on penalties, thus becoming the first penalty shootout final in history.

The remembered USA World Cup 94

USA or USA as it is also known, a country without much football tradition, was in charge of hosting the Mundial de 1994. And frankly he didn't do it badly at all., even exceeding the average capacity of the stadiums. It was a championship full of changes, like three points for victory, the transfer to the goalkeeper or the variation of the offside rule. But without any doubt, What would surprise fans the most would be the absence of Inglaterra y Francia (en aquella night in Paris against Stoichkov's Bulgaria), who were eliminated in the qualifying phase. Something Brazil wouldn't do.

The trajectory of Brazil from the USA 94

The debut of the Brazilians was against Russia. A match in which Romario scored the first goal in the minute 26 the first time. De ahí, Rai the brother of Sócrates and the captain of the match, He threw the ball into the end of the penalty net in the sixth minute of the second half, thus signing the victory. Brasil 2 – 0 Rusia.

The second match was against Cameroon, where Romario scored again. This time in the minute 39 the first time. Those of Carlos Alberto Parreira They went to the locker room with an advantage, something that in the minute 21, Márcio Santos was responsible for increasing it by writing down the second. Y cómo no, Bebeto appeared to bathe the untamed lions scoring the third goal with a great goal that many tried to stop, but no one got. Brasil 3 -0 Camerún.

The third game was against Sweden. A match that cost Brazil, that began losing due to a goal from Anderson in the first 23 match minutes. But Romario equalized the Europeans in the light in the second minute of the second half. Brasil 1 – 1 Suecia.

This is how group B ended, in which the Verdeamarelo team was positioned as first in the table with 7 points, followed by Sweden (5), Rusia (3) and Cameroon (1).

In the round of 16, Brazil faced the local, a EE. UU. A match in which Brazil did not win until the 27 minutes of the second half thanks to a goal from Bebeto. Brasil 1- 0 EEUU.

La Brasil de USA 94
Lalas to Romario in a match USA 94. FOTO: Brand

In the quarterfinals they faced Holland to star in what is considered one of the best matches of this World Cup.. Brazil began winning in the eighth minute of the second half, with the usual goal, of the trustworthy, by Romario. In the minute 18 of that second half, Bebeto extended the margin to an empty goal, but the counterattack didn't take long and a minute later, Netherlands goal to open their scoring. In the minute 31 of that second half, the orange team reached a tie. Panic was spreading, but all was not lost and with a great goal from Branco's free kick, Brazil sentenced the victory 3 a 2.

The canarinha reached the semifinals and as in the first round, he crossed paths again Suecia, one of the revelations of that World Cup. Nuevamente, victory was going to cost him, but he would end up winning with a header from Romario to 10 minutes to finish, thus returning to the final after not doing so since the Copa de México de 1970.

Just like in that World Cup, Italy faced Brazil again in the last match. A goalless clash that ended, for the first time in history, resolved in the penalty shootout. He stadium Rose Bowl of Pasadena trembled. Franco Baresi, the most expert of the Italians, He was the first to receive, sending it over the crossbar. Then, Pagliuca saved Márcio Santos and it seemed that there were not going to be any goals even in the penalties, until Demetrio Albertini arrived to prove the opposite.

The season was opened, and after that came three more goals. Romario and Branco were right for the Brazilians and Evani for the Italians, while Taffarel stopped Massaro's shot. There were only two left. Dunga, the great brazilian captain, He secured the advantage and everything was in the hands of Baggio. Not a sigh in the stands. He took a run, he shot... and missed. Roberto Baggio he missed his last shot leaving the score 3-2 in favor of the Brazilian squad. An oversight that would end up crowning the Brazilian National Team four-time World Cup champion. A failure that Lobo Zagallo knew that it was going to happen due to a magical cabal.

He 11 ideal of the Brazil of the USA 94

Although today with a record of five World Cups it seems easy to win this competition, it is not. It takes a series of coincidences, but without a doubt the most important thing is the figures of the eleven. They are really the real protagonists. He Mundial de USA 94 He is remembered in everyone's memory as the Bebeto and Romario World Cup, sin embargo, There were many names that made Brazil's return to leadership a reality.

Claudio Taffarel. The goalkeeper became the undisputed hero of the final. That a match goes to penalties is scary, but doing it in a final is scary. A goal can take you to heaven and the slightest mistake can condemn you.. On this mission, the goalkeeper becomes the center of all eyes, must stop each and every one of the shots of players who shoot from the depths of their soul, and that's hard for anyone to stop. For anyone but Taffarel, who imposed his law under sticks.

Every great team needs a great centre-back. A player with a excellent command of the aerial game and the ability to intercept passes, en definitiva, to become the backbone of the team. This role was played by Márcio Santos, rápido, with good ball delivery and very hard in the cuts and who ended up being proclaimed not only as the best in that final but as the best center back in the championship.

Dunga It was another of the proper names. And what is a ship without its captain?. Sheriff Da Zinho, who played for Stuttgart when they became world champions, He was in charge of creating the game. A lighthouse in that last meeting for the crew, who managed to pass successfully during the competition without defensive oversights and dock in good port.

Romario and Bebeto, the lethal lead that led to Brazil “more european” to win the USA World Cup 1994

As we see, many other numbers on the green-yellow shirt come to light, but if someone is indispensable, they are Romario and Bebeto. The duo that allowed the Brazilian National Team to once again lift the trophy as the best team in the world.

There could already be 22 players on the field who were all only looking at one. Romario He was the great star of Brazil. A footballer with overflowing charisma and quality. You couldn't even look away for a second., as soon as you got careless and caught the ball, it was a sure goal.

But every Batman needs his Robin. This was Bebeto, a forward who came to the National Team after a great season with Deportivo de La Coruña en la que marked all the championship teams in one season, becoming an idol of the fans and championing the one baptized as Superspor. Together they passed the rival defense as if it were empty. Quite a spectacle to see them play.

Because as I declared Romario in perspective, and very accurately, “that generation made history”.

La Brasil de USA 94:Romario y Bebeto en el Mundial de USA 1994
Romario and Bebeto were the best forward in the USA World Cup 94. FOTO: Captura Daily Motion

Brazil's World Cup squad 1994

1 Taffarel
12 Zetti
22 Gilmar Rinaldi

2 Jorginho
3 Ricardo Rocha
4 Ronaldao
6 Branco
13 Aldair
14 Cafú
15 Marcio Santos


5 Mauro Silva
8 Dunga
9 Zinho
10 Rai
16 Leonardo
17 Mazinho


7 Bebeto
11 Romario
18 Paulo Sergio
19 Muller
20 Ronaldo
21 Viola

La Brasil de USA 94
The Brazil of the USA 94 who was proclaimed world champion. FOTO: She was a VIP

¿Y tú, what do you remember about that Brazil from USA 94?

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