By Gea, the goalkeeper fewer stops made in a World Cup in the past 52 years

De Gea, el portero que menos paradas ha hecho en un Mundial en los últimos 52 años
De Gea was the worst goalkeeper in Russia 2018. Photo: AFP

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Russia 2018 It will not pass to the history of the Spanish selection as one of his best tournaments. Who does his performance in this World Cup will be remembered positively is David De Gea, which it was considered by many before the tournament as the best or at least as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. And the Spanish has not only been the worst goalkeeper in the finals with numbers in hand but also has set a record for the most negative. That of being the goalkeeper with fewer stops in a World Cup in the past 52 years.

During the four games he played Spain in Russia, He received 7 shots between 3 sticks and fit 6 goals. Or what is the same about 7 Sometimes he threw into the marked De Gea, only he managed to stop against Morocco in 1 vs 1 similar to the goal he had conceded before. To top it off in the decisive penalty in the second round against Russia they threw 4 penalties and despite being close to stop any, they put the 4.

This means that De Gea was the goalkeeper with fewer stops after playing three games or more in a World Cup and not only that but from the World Cup in England 1966, It was the goalkeeper who saves made less. In fact statistics would be even worse since before Iran VAR correctly annulled a goal for offside Iranians marked on the only shot that made between the three Spanish clubs.

A disastrous performance of one of the best goalkeepers in the world assumptions already started to set in the friendly against Switzerland shortly before traveling to Russia where De Gea and improper error committed a doorman level, and that was confirmed when a soft shot from Cristiano Ronaldo in the first match of the tournament where fitted swallowed 3 goals in 3 balls that were to goal. This created a sense of insecurity which lasted remained in the tournament Spain. Definitely, to forget for De Gea must to meet again with the great goalkeeper who is.

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