The best goalkeepers in the history of South America

The best goalkeepers in the history of South America
Ubaldo Fillol was one of the stars of the World 82. PHOTO: Brand

Who are the best goalkeepers in the history of South America? That land has always been a place of great players, dribblers large and talented players trained in the tough streets of South American cities crowded. However, South America has never known for being a continent of porters or archers as they say in those parts.

Children always liked more mark to stop the balls. However, as there are always exceptions at all, I remember those who are in our view the best goalkeepers have left the South American continent.

Amadeo Carrizo

Argentina is according to IFFHS the best goalkeeper that has given South America in its history. He played during the 40, los 50 and the 60 in clubs like River Plate and Millonarios Bogota, although at the end of his career. He was the goalkeeper of the Argentina national team for ten years and was the goalkeeper of the Albiceleste in the World 1958. The chronicles of the time who was a pioneer in such common things in a doorman today as gamble in 1 vs 1 or look for the counterattack by ace. He played until past the 40.

best goalkeepers in the history of South America
Carrizo impressive out of the ball. PHOTO: Clarion

José Luis Chilavert

Paraguayan goalkeeper was an icon of his era. Character, claw, pelea, stops and goals. And the Guarani goalkeeper is one of the doormen's scorers in history something that holds its own considering that his mission was to stop. Nothing more and nothing less than 62 goals made during his long career as a footballer. He played in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, France and Spain and was a key part of the great World by Paraguay in 1998.

Ladislao Mazurkiewicz

It is considered by many the best goalkeeper in the history of South America. What is certain is that it is the best in the history of Uruguay. He played from 1963 a 1981 in many countries such as Argentina, Spain, Brazil, Colombia and of course Uruguay where he was an idol at that Peñarol who was a regular at the Intercontinental Cup.

Ubaldo Fillol

"I work to be the best, which it is very different from saying that I am. And if ever I'm sorry, I'm going crazy not to make public ". That phrase denoting humility, simplicity, professional rigor. The protagonist is Ubaldo Fillol, one of the best goalkeepers in football history and high security, the best archer who gave Argentine soccer after Amadeo Carrizo. Campeón del mundo en el 78 with Argentina, He completed a long run between 70 and the 80 where he established himself as one of the best in the world. Undoubtedly one of los mejores porteros de la historia de Sudamérica.

Gilmar Dos Santos

In a land inauspicious to tackle a player prefers hands before using feet, Gilmar dos Santos Neves was considered by many football experts a true master of the sticks. He played more than 100 Brazil internationals, He went to 3 Global and was champion in two of them. With Pele's Santos won several Copa Libertadores, in addition to the Intercontinental. All a myth.

best goalkeepers in the history of South America
Gilmar, the best Brazilian goalkeeper in history. PHOTO: Brand

Loco Gatti

Argentina is undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the history of South America and their country. Genius and madness in equal parts by a man who was ahead of its time. Popular and eccentric, left stops and parties to remember in his long career as he played to nothing more and nothing less than the 44 years.

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  1. For me the best Gatti . Fillol second and Chilavert complete the podium , Condor Rojas was a great archer , I saw a little Mazurkievich , Poletti was a skinny arquerazo , Nestor also a phenomenon dildo , Andrada cat was a great archer , Santoro very good goalkeeper in Argentina until recently there was always very good archers

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