The most expensive teams of America

The most expensive teams of America
Bolivar is the best known of Bolivia team even drive a very modest budget. Photo: the corner of the Vinotinto

What are the most expensive teams of America? How much are the templates of the main coconuts Americas? Everyone knows the numbers moving in Europe, where giants like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Bayern de Munich, Milan or Juventus and “Hillbillies” as the City and PSG among others, Nearby manage budgets in some cases the 1000 millions of euros. But nevertheless, reviewing budgets in Latin, the amounts of the teams approach that would be mid-table teams in the Spanish League and in some cases Second but there are also teams that would go on top 10 for example the Spanish League. We tell who are the most expensive country teams America.

Argentina: the two great, both historical and two of the strongest teams in America are River Plate and Boca Juniors. River Plate has a valued template 57 million euros and Mouth 53 millions. San Lorenzo with a 40.8 millions of euros, Racing con 37 million euros and independent 27.8 million euros complete the top 5 Argentinian.

Boca and River are the most expensive teams of Argentina.

Brazil: the Brazilian league is the largest investor in their workforce or at least on paper. Cruzeiro Esporte Clube con 78 millions of euros, Atlético Mineiro 74 millions of euros, with Palmeiras 67 millions of euros, São Paulo con 64 millions of euros, with Grêmio 60 million and Flamengo 56 millions, manage budgets that allow them to be in a second step and even in some cases one of the first in Europe.

Mexico: tigers 63 million euros is the most expensive team in Mexico. Its neighbors territory, Monterrey, manage a budget 55 millions. Other great Mexican soccer as America and Chivas handle similar to those of a modest first division team budgets in Europe 34 Y 39 million respectively. lion 37 millions, Santos Laguna with 35, Atlas 25, Puma 23 and Cruz Azul 32 are other teams that surprised not to have an exorbitant budget. Pachuca 42 It is among the teams that has bet on Liga MX.

Colombia: surprising but the champion of Libertadores Cup 2016, Atletico Nacional manages a budget of about 20 millions of euros, a budget of most modest in Europe. However it is by far, the highest in Colombia. Where teams like America de Cali, Deportivo Cali, Deportivo Independiente Medellin or Junior managed a budget of about 8 millions of euros, a team near the bottom of a second team in Spain for example. Once Caldas or other like Sports Pasto handle equivalent within 400.000 euros.

Atletico Nacional manages a budget of 20 millions of euros. Photo:

Uruguay: Both the Uruguayan football history does not manage budgets filled with rockets and fireworks. Penarol and Nacional handle a similar budget around 23 millions of euros.

Chile: Chilean soccer greats handle some of the lowest budgets among the greats of America. Colo Colo, with some 15.6 million euros and the Catholic University of Chile with a very similar to 15.4 millions.

Paraguay: Paraguayan top teams also have budgets to throw rockets, rather like those who run second teams in Europe. Olimpia and Cerro Porteno are on top of their game with budgets of 12. 25 Y 11.7 millions of euros, respectively.

Ecuador: in the Ecuadorian league, the most expensive teams are the Barcelona of Guayaquil with 21.8 million euros and Emelec with 19.45 millions.

Peru: All Peruvian league has a value of 89 millions of euros. University Sports is the richest club in the country with an assessment of 10 millions of euros.

Bolivia: Bolivian football is the most modest level budgets at least. Bolivar 8 Strongest million euros and with a 3 They are the most expensive equipment which would put them in Europe in a category close to the third division always economically.

Bolivar is the best known of Bolivia team even drive a very modest budget. Photo: the corner of the Vinotinto

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