Hugo Gatti: charisma, genius and “madness”

Hugo Gatti: charisma, genius and “madness”

We see it appear in many television shows and wonder younger: Who is this old guy called Gatti and nicknamed “loco” which always gives a point peculiar view on a particular topic? Well then, that man already 69 years is a myth of the Argentina goal, both the selection and Boca Juniors or River Plate.

Born in 1944 Carlos Tejedor, he “loco” It was a precursor, a different man who proved that the goal could also be a media figure, not only by good performances under the posts, but for the sake of all kinds. And it is that Gatti was one of the first goalkeepers who left the area to play the ball as a central more, He was a pioneer band shows when this function was reserved for logical field players or use sponsorship on the shirt.

El "loco" Gatti was serving a maximum of Argentina. The goalkeeper should always go without lying.
He “loco” Gatti was serving a maximum of Argentina. The goalkeeper should always go without lying.

Genius and figure, He came to play friendly matches as a center forward showing that his qualities were remarkable feet. Notable were his performances in the media. He took his pugilistic habit of challenging the opposite and proclaiming himself the best in the press, press that also saw him act and get hard like a rock star were.

Of course such eccentricity was supported because their performance on the pitch was outstanding with their own qualifications “passing follies” that made him commit inexplicable failures. Record holder Caught penalties in league Argentina (26 next to Filiol) and most games played in this (765), soon their safety under the sticks and his quick reflexes were worth to him to be hired by River Plate after preliminary step for Atlanta (1962-63), club where he grew up and formed. With Millionaires, He completed four years at the highest level that would lead to be summoned for the World 1966 where it would start and to make a name not only because nationwide, but also international.

A nice stay that would take Gimnasia y Esgrima de la Plata, Union de Santa Fe and Boca Juniors, club where the great goalkeeper would become myth. In mouth, also injured and could not play the World 1978, It makes the impossible possible. incredible stops and failures that called into question its quality, but he did win the public contradictorily. Strange locations be happy (it is advisable to watch the video at the minute 2:55 with Maradona in front), erroneous outputs then you would copy a Colombian called Rene Higuita, or incomprehensible actions (Barcelona came to scoring nine goals in Gamper) They were part of a repertoire that left the essence of “loco” at its highest level of popularity.

Retired in 1988 con 44 years and over 26 on the lawns of Argentina and Colombia (He retired in America de Cali), his footballing heritage is still disputed by many, especially its detractors who see him as a person and given conducive to insult and controversy . What is clear is that the “loco” Football made a show, a show, definitely, what it is.

El "loco" Gatti usually come off as contertulio Punto Pelota.
He “loco” Gatti usually come off as contertulio Punto Pelota.
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