Former Villarreal is saved from the accident to be injured Chapecoense

Ex del Villarreal se salva del accidente del Chapecoense al estar lesionado

Last update 29 November, 2016 by Alberto Llopis

As if one of the hundreds of movies that are on the subject will be discussed, Argentina and former Villarreal player, Alejandro Martinuccio can say it was reborn this day. Footballer 29 años y en las filas del Chapecoense, It was not summoned for the match that was to be played in the stadium of Colombia's Atletico Nacional to be injured.

“I was saved because I injured. I feel a deep sorrow for my classmates”, declaró para el medio Radio La Red shortly after the news about the loss of their colleagues and members of the technical staff of the club. Ruben Martinuccio, father Player, contó a TN que “was already” recovered but was told not to worry, they wanted to stop for the following year. “Thank God he did not travel, is the destination”, he said, adding: “I think about it, en su mujer, their three children” said the player's father.

Martinuccio played for Villarreal 6 months after arriving in the winter of 2012 and despite being Argentine, He has developed most of his career in Brazil. Born on 16 from December to 1987, you can always say that his birthday has changed to 28 November 2016 and is the destination, It has sometimes these things.

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