Pablo Fornals faints and gives the scare in the Villarreal-Athletic

Pablo Fornals se desmaya y da el susto en el Villarreal-Athletic
Fornals faints and gives the scare in the match against Athletic. Photo: Brand

Last update 9 April, 2018 by Alberto Llopis

Ran the first few minutes of play in the match between Villarreal and Athletic Bilbao when they jumped all alarms in the stadium of Ceramics. It was the minute 7 Fornals collapsed and fell to the ground without anyone touching. The medical assistance quickly jumped into the field to attend the Villarreal player luckily came under his own field leaving only a scare action. Before, He had marked Athletic Bilbao's first goal.

Apparently, Castellon football player has suffered low blood sugar, something that has already happened on other occasions. She not in vain happened in training last December. The best news is that the player has left the field walking and apparently in good condition. Logically and to avoid further, He has been replaced by Soriano and the party has continued as normal. According to official sources he has suffered a 'Pre-sincope’ and spend the night in a hospital observation Castellon. Fortunately it seems that was just a scare.

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