Marcelino suffers an accident

Marcelino suffers an accident
Marcelino had an accident without serious consequences afortundamente. Photo: As

Valencia coach Marcelino García Toral has suffered a traffic accident this morning at km 125 the road from Logroño to Bilbao when he went to spend Christmas at their home. Marcelino was traveling in his car with his wife and mother when they collided against a boar. The coach and his companions were treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital.

As it reported on its Web Valencia, “The accident occurred at kilometer 125 the road from Logroño to Bilbao, when crossing a wild boar and collided with his vehicle, Marcelino was treated at the hospital and has already received a medical discharge”. Fortunately everything was a shock without further consequences and the technician can enjoy these days off with family.

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