Marc Bartra, injured after an explosion at the bus Borussia Dortmund

Marc Bartra, herido tras una explosión en el autobús del Borussia Dortmund
The bus Borussia Dortmund in an image file.

Last update 11 April, 2017 by Alberto Llopis

The news is still somewhat confusing but it seems, the bus Borussia Dortmund suffered an explosion while walking their stadium was going to dispute the match corresponding to the UEFA Champions League against Monaco. According to the German newspaper Bild, the Spanish defense Dortmund, Marc Bartra, He has been injured in the explosion and has been taken to hospital. German police are investigating the causes of the explosion and the game against Monaco it has been postponed for Wednesday 12 April at 18:45. 

Borussia Dortmund through its official twitter and the German city police have confirmed an explosion near the team bus when he went to their stadium to contest the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Monaco. According to the newspaper Bild, this event would have left a wounded. The German newspaper notes that Marc Bartra is the injured player and has been taken to hospital.

As confirmed by relatives of the Spanish defense in social networks, Marc Bartra would be in the hospital in shock by the strong shock but only slightly injured by cuts. Dortmund police confirmed on Twitter that there were 3 explosions near the bus.

bomba en dortmund
A photo of the scene uploaded by users on Twitter. Photo: Twitter

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