A woman dies after being hit by a player who tested positive for drugs

Una mujer muere después de ser atropellada por un futbolista que dio positivo por drogas
Nabil, Ceuta player, has been removed from the team (Photo: AD Ceuta)

Last update 9 April, 2018 by Javi Argudo

A woman 39 years has after spending a week entered deceased victim of a hit. The driver of the van was a player Ceuta Spanish Second Division B Nabil name, has been released with charges because they tested positive toxicology tests that were performed.

The AD Ceuta, club that belongs footballer 22 years driving the vehicle, It has issued a statement conveying his sincere condolences to the family of the deceased woman, It has announced that it will keep a minute of silence at the next meeting in his memory and also has departed the team player.

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