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Uruguayan soccer player avoids a robbery

Uruguayan soccer player avoids a robbery
Uruguayan footballer Emiliano Albín avoided a robbery at a jewelry store. Photo:

For a while he switched the ball by a layer. And is that the Uruguayan footballer former teams like Boca Juniors and Peñarol, Emiliano Albin, He became a hero after thwarting a robbery in the Uruguayan city of Sauce. That's what showed images from the security camera entering a jewelry store where the facts occurred. In the same can be seen as an individual motorcycle enters the establishment and runs with spoil.

The biker with helmet, He stopped at the door of jewelry, He came in and took a portfolio after assaulting a woman, Local customer. In the video shows the subject tried out with the stolen and climbs into the bike. Seconds later the woman comes out to try to stop terror. Just at the moment in which the protagonist of the story, Emiliano Albín walks past, notes the action, It is pouncing on the offender and pulls the bike. The footballer has a gym close of trade where the events occurred.

The offender managed to escape on his motorcycle but without the loot leaving empty-handed after a failed attempt to Albín not hesitate to put his life in danger to defend citizens who were being assaulted.

Alberto Llopis

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