A stone thrown from the stands in the game in Argentina

A stone thrown from the stands in the game in Argentina
A large stone was close to reaching the Defense and Justice goalkeeper. PHOTO: Capture / TyCSports

It could have happened something much more serious and is not the first nor the last time we see such a shameful act in Argentine football. Luckily there had to be no injuries but having reached its target, Now we are talking about something much sadder. It happened in the match between Rosario Central and Defensa y Justicia that gambled in the field of the first.

From the stands, they threw a stone at Unsain, Goalkeeper Defense and Justice. goalkeeper, quickly he handed it to the referee who stopped the game to give part to delegate. Own local players had to call for calm goes off bounds.

Fortunately, this is not repeated again during the rest of the game and the match could continue normally, action being scared for the goalkeeper who probably played the rest of the game with an eye on the nape, although he could finally celebrate the victory of his team away.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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