The “Barras Bravas” Quilmes walk a corpse by the stadium during a match

The ”hooligans” (peaceful little ultras) Argentine Quilmes entered the stadium club, while a match was played reservation, with a coffin carrying the body of the son of ”boss” of the group, died during an accident.

During the special ceremony, executed several gun shots in the air, which he made the match referee had to stop the game against the mixture of fear and amazement of those present.

“I fired a couple of times and I took a good scare. They were behind the goal where I was”, said Joaquín Papaleo, Union goalkeeper. “As we played against Quilmes, She came a lot of people to the stadium with a drawer. They had to stop the game, They stayed a while and went”, said the footballer.

Union coach, He said the local club had announced that it would produce the entrance to the stadium fans with coffin, which it's, It seems to be was authorized by the leaders of the local club.

“We were told that the matter was laid to rest occurred in. Luckily nothing happened in the field”, said coach. The body of the coffin belonged to the son of José María Fernández, leader “hooligans”, the same name and 15 years, who died in an accident when hitting the motorcycle fleeing police after making a steal.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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