Marco Pappa finds in the middle of a party of the death of his mother

Marco Pappa finds in the middle of a party of the death of his mother
Marco Pappa learned of the death of his mother in the middle of a match. Photo: The nation

So is terrible news but finding out the way it did the Guatemalan player, Marco Pappa, even worse. The player, with a long career in American MLS, he was disputing a party of First Division in his country between your computer, Municipal and Guastatoya, when the minute 58, when Edwin Fuentes Guastatoya player who had heard the news, the player approached to tell him that his mother had been found death.

Marco Pappa, completely baffled, He went to his bench where his teammates and coaches he confirmed the terrible news. His mother just 52 years, He had appeared dead in her home. Pappa left after receiving confirmation of the news the stadium to go to the home of his mother. After that there was a fight between players from both teams as fellow Pappa harshly berated Fuentes who first broke the news to the player.

Edwin Fuentes, the player who broke the news in the party was heavily criticized and he, He was not so fortunate in their statements. Sources said that the whole audience was screaming and simply tell the tale of near Pappa, to finish adding he thought it would take otherwise even said that it had taken to heart, as if that was normal. A sad climax to a sad story. Here we can see the statements of Fuentes.

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