Bobby Moore's story and gold bracelet

La historia de Bobby Moore y el brazalete de oro
The day Bobby Moore was accused of stealing a gold bracelet just before starting in Mexico 1970. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

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The story we want to tell today in Colgados begins a few days before the Mundial de México de 1970. England came as world champion, after winning the cup at home four years earlier which, made her one of the favorites to win the title in Aztec lands. But before this, los británicos, They played two friendly one in Colombia and another a few days later, in Ecuador. Precisely one of these games this story unfolded.

Bobby Moore and the stolen gold bracelet

The English team stayed at the Tequendama hotel, in which there was a very luxurious jewelry. One afternoon when the players were free, Bobby Moore y Bobby Charlton, They came to buy a ring for this woman last. After assessing that prices were too high, but they decided to leave after a few meters away Store, Saleswoman Clara Padilla accused of stealing a gold bracelet, with emeralds and diamonds.

He had appeared an alleged witness, called Alvaro Suarez, que afirmaba haber visto a Bobby Moore metérselo en el bolsillo de su chaqueta. Two employees of the English Federation stayed in Colombia with the captain. The Colombian police arrested the defender of the West Ham and spent the night in the dungeon. Finally, got the embassy were under house arrest.

Un recorte de la época con la noticia.
A cut of the time with the news.

Moore appeared before the judge claiming he was innocent while Clara Padilla and Alvaro Suarez, They stated that the English captain had kept the bracelet in the left pocket of his jacket. Moore, presented as such proof jacket he wore that day and did not have any pockets as they had alleged. The British government pushing for it came time to quote Sir Alf Ramsey as head broke to rebuild their starting lineup and the lack of evidence, Moore did remain free. He went to the Mexico World Cup and captained the team to quarterfinal, where they were eliminated by Germany.

There were many versions of this incident.

In this story there are different versions. From alleged mafias behind this, with the sole purpose of leaving the team without its strongest pillar to others that suggest that one of the English internationals did indeed steal the bracelet to give it to a prostitute with whom he had spent a night.. A third hypothesis could even be a joke and the captain of the team, It was the one who took all the blame. We will always be left with the unknown since the only answer was sir Bobby Moore pero falleció a los 51 años after suffering from colon cancer.

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