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Las mejores anécdotas del Mundial de Chile 1962
El Mundial de Chila de 1962 fue uno de los más duros de la historia

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He World Chile 1962 fue el de las lesiones, the broncos meetings, the violence to an extreme degree but first and foremost, the Brazilian, who he was crowned world champion for the second time in its history and also consecutively. Eso es lo que sucedió en un campeonato singular que contó con todos los ingredientes que un gran torneo debe de tener.

El decepcionante papel de España

They are participating in total 16 World selections marked by the earthquake in Valdivia two years before killed 5.000 people and left more than two million affected. A catastrophe that made only four seats could accommodate what ultimately would be a thick but exciting championship.

Spain returned to the World Cup after two consecutive absences with a selection full of talent despite low late Di Stéfano (and being injured in Chile). In their ranks were Puskas, Santamaria, Peiro, Luis Suárez, Adelardo and a plague of stars whose mission was to overcome a first phase where they shared group with Brazil and Czechoslovakia, eventually the two finalists. Evidently he did not, partly because Brazil's Garrincha and Amarildo (Pele was injured at the first hurdle and could not complete the rest of the tournament) and the always rough Czechoslovak prevented him.

La Batalla de Santiago

Was the group of three selections interesting but not a highlight despite all that we left the first phase. Yugoslavia and the USSR dirimieron one of the most raucous parties that have never been played. The meeting ended as the rosary with three fractures Soviet players and two injured Balkan. It was the prelude to another epic encounter, la Battle of Santiago, Chile and Italy who staged amid an almost warlike atmosphere.

Statements of Italian journalists in who claimed that Chile was a developing country and ugly women put a hobby hot you received with stones at the transalpine team and caused the duel became a war full of wild inputs forced to come the police to get a player amid ongoing squabbles.

Parte médico del Mundial tras los dos primeros días de competición: 24 bajas.
Part of the World doctor after the first two days of competition: 24 bajas.

El primer Gol Olímpico de la historia

Of course all was violence. Marcos Coll tuvo el honor de anotar el primer gol olímpico de la historia de los Mundiales, neither more nor less than before the Black Spider. Garrincha took his team to the final indecipherable based juggled for the rest of opposites.

Quietly, brilliant was the performance of Czechoslovakia, who introduced the defensive and tactical football and reached the final, where canarinha proved to be the strongest. It was the epilogue to a World Cup that will not go down in history as the brightest, but rather the hardest.

Brasil ganó su segundo Mundial en Chile.
Brazil won its second World Cup in Chile.

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