Ten of the worst trading cards of history part II

Ten of the worst trading cards of history part II

When one is small and likes football, yet even in these times, typical tends to collect baseball cards. Exchange and search of the desired chromium become a ritual. But nevertheless, the innocence of age may not let see how curious and even absurdities that are some of the cromos. As we did in the first part, We remind 10 cromos the worst part II history.

chromium tatty 8
Where is the ball here or there?
chromium tatty 9
Tosic head stuck on another body. Almost nothing.

chromium tatty 10
Paint a head was common in the cards of 90.
tatty cromos 6
Giner was never a guaperas. But out back and he seemed excessive.
tatty cromos 5
To get Ricardo Rocha smiling in the picture if we can get downcast. That must have thought what the cromos.
tatty cromos 4
Leaving aside the afro Serena, the short head hits is curious.

capo 1
Footballers were once something else. Also trading cards.
tatty cromos 3
Does anyone else see rare head Dertycia?

tatty cromos 2
The first chromium Louse in Spain another example of head stuck in another body. He is driving the ball away smiling.
tatty cromos 1
In slippers and socks or injured and doing recovery. Exiting on the cards will be out anyway.


Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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