What happened to some teams that played in Primera long ago?

¿Qué fue de algunos equipos que jugaron en Primera hace ya mucho tiempo?
Hand of two former players of the club as Pablo Hernandez and Dealbert, which form part of the new group has taken over the Castellón, the light seems to have returned to Castalia. Photo: Castellón season ticket campaign

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Today in the frantic world of football where news constantly appear (some of them quite dispensable, but very modern press), leaves little time to review the leaves of the history books of Spanish football. However, in the little room still exists for it, it is gratifying to note that the current Spanish Primera Division football have come to play 62 equipment. There have been many developments in the XXI century, but we can also see that many of them, They are lost in lower divisions or missing. Honoring them, in Hanged by Football, We remember that it was of some teams that played in Primera long ago.

Racing de Santander: at present, It is in the Second Division B after consecutively down to Second First Second and Second B. Then he climbed back up to second for the next year back to Second B where you try to exit. Weighed down by economic problems and over 100 years of history is one of the historic Spanish Primera Division in the second decade of the century is harshly penalized. by institution, history and hobby II B is not at all your site.

UD Salamanca: Currently this team does not exist after a few years its judicial dissolution decree and failed attempts to return with a new name. 90 years of history and finalized items 12 First seasons are a legacy of a team that had more than 5000 partners.

salamanca 1998
Salamanca gave much war in the late First 90. In the 97-98 They knocked Barca in the Helmántico in a mythical duel. Photo: As.com

CD LOGROÑÉS: The club disappeared as such giving rise to two new sets: Union Deportiva Logrones playing in Segunda B and SD Logroñés it does in Third. Gone are the days where you had international prestige as Lopetegui or Salenko, top scorer in the World 94 player being Logroñés. The Gaunas goal will always be a mythical carousels of the eighties and nineties.

Castellón Sports Club: 11 First to finish seasons in the well of the Third Division, where with more than 5000 partners is the third team in the history of the category with more partners, only surpassed by Malaga and Oviedo. It seems to have resurfaced after the change of owners in summer 2017. Economic problems and outstanding debts did foresee a very dark future. With the change of direction the club seems to see some light though still distant. Just as far as the glorious years 80 and first of 90. The Nou Estadi Castalia remains its stronghold, capable 16.000 personas. They have touched several times the ascent to Second B in recent years but have fallen into the Playoffs.

SD Compostela: in San Lázaro Multipurpose marked one of the most beautiful goals that are remembered in football history. They were times where sweets, with players like Christopher Ohen, Radchenko, Penev, Fabiano or the legendary Abbey. Good times or Fernando Vazquez Fernando Santos on the bench that earned him four years to be the most elite of Spanish football. Nowadays, Compos fight in the Third Spanish division after years of uncertainty and refundaciones.

Ascenso del compostela
Compostela reached the First Division 1994. Photo: Brand

Burgos CF: a historic whose origins date back to 1922. El Plantio (12.200 seating) He witnessed six seasons in First and players in their ranks as Miguel Ángel Portugal, Cane the father of today striker Borja cane or Romanian mythical Balint. Today they fight in the Second Division B.

 Arenas Club of Getxo: perhaps the youngest not know, but this team is pure and simple history of Spanish football and its history contains a Copa del Rey (1919) and three runners-up League. Located in the province of Vizcaya became seven seasons in First, It is the last in 1934-35. From 1944 He has not even stepped on the Second, and claims to be the Spanish club after Real Murcia Imperial more shares in Third Division, currently plays in Segunda B. If you want to know more about this club you can read the article we wrote aboutSands of Getxo.

athletic Tetouan: a Moroccan team in the Spanish league. That's what happened in the campaign 51-52, by which time the city of Tetouan was Spanish protectorate. Rojiblancos born 1922 He spent six seasons in second before disappearing into 1956. Today, his heir, the moghreb tétouan, his successor, He won the Moroccan league 2012 confirming the momentum of the city at football.

Real Unión: a historic born in Guipuzcoa Province 1915 you have in their showcases four Copas del Rey. First team to beat Athletic Bilbao at San Mames, today roams in Group II of Second Division B but got to play in Second in 2009-10. The stadium is still the same as it is from 1926: el Stadium Gal, just located 300 m from the border with France. He eliminated Real Madrid over two legs in the Copa del Rey in 2009.

real union elimina real madrid
Real Union a historic fight in the Second B 2017. He came to eliminate Real Madrid in 2008 and to play second in the 09-10. Photo: You misfutboladas

CD Condal: Yeah, This team played in the First Division in faraway campaign 1956 and field, the Les Corts had a capacity for almost 60.000 spectators. However, in 1970 It merged with Atletico Catalunya becoming the subsidiary of Barcelona.

Alcoyano Sports Club: the end of the decade of the 40 It was glorious for the team of Alcoy. The team was at that time four seasons in First always ending descending least one occasion. Despite the poor performance of the team in the top flight, Legend morale Alcoyano you have in this article was forged. He has walked the Second Division in the XXI century but has spent most of these years in Second B.

CE Europa: one of the founders of the League and finalist in the Copa del Rey in the campaign 1922-23. A native of Gracia, this team hosted the first basketball game in history in Spain 1922. Located in the Third Division of Spanish football, his greatest achievement in recent times was the conquest 1997 y 1988 Catalunya Cup against rivals as powerful as Espanyol and Barcelona.

CF Extremadura: at the end of the decade of the 90, Almendralejo was happy because at the Francisco de la Hera walked the best players in the world. In two campaigns, thousands or millions of people were able to locate this small frontier city thanks among other things to players like Mono Montoya, Tough, Silvani, Pineda or Rafa Benitez architect of the second ascent of the two that has the club to First. Today and from 2010, the club unfortunately does not exist as such by economic problems suffered. But his relief was taken by Extremadura UD has generated a huge buzz this summer in Almendralejo 2017 with the new project by Juan Sabas, who got the miracle to save him from descending to Third in 2016/17 when the situation was far less delicate.

franciso de la hera lleno
Francis was full of finery and First held in permanence in Second B UD Extremadura 2017. Photo: Youtube.com

hércules CF: all Alicante touched the historic glory to climb 2010 Last to First Division category not trod since 1997. But his adventure ended badly. It created an ambitious project with players like Drenthe, Trezeguet and Valdes looking for something more than the permanence and ended up bankrupt and defaults. He ended his bones in Second B which is still fighting to get back to second with an economic situation and some problems with Hacienda that make the club of Alicante future is quite uncertain.

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