Arenas de Getxo was champion of Spain

Arenas de Getxo was champion of Spain

Did you know that the Sands of Getxo has a cup champion title? If one looks Mondays tiny section is devoted to the modest football, Second or Third Division B, You can find many famous teams that once were part of the elite of Spanish football.

But if you look down even, a team that is more honorable than many people believe appears, a team that was Cup champion Spain and runner-up three times. And it is that he Sands of Getxo he was one of the first champions of Spanish football.

The Arenas, one of the greats at the beginning of the 20th century

The Arena was Getxo Cup champion Spain. PHOTO: Brand

Founded in 1909, in Getxo, by Basque young bourgeois who had gone to England to study, el Arenas, It soon became a place in the elite of Spanish football season. In 1917 They managed to reach the final of the Cup of Spain, in a final that was played in the field Espanyol Barcelona. The rival nothing more and nothing less than Madrid FC before being Real, since that time the crown was walking exiled Spain.

The first match, end goalless, so a playoff was played in a match that was held in Barcelona 15 May 1917. Madrid won the Cup after beating 2-1 al Arenas, but the Basque side would be a cockerel over the next decade.

Two years later, Arenas would repeat end, this time in Madrid, he 18 May 1919, the rival, the Barcelona. After a vibrant party, Arenas finally prevailed 5 goals to 2, promoting the Arenas, champion Spain is proclaimed.

Such was the level of the Basque team, that three of his players went to the JJOO de Amberes 1920, place he named the “Red Fury“. The three were chosen; pagaza, Sesúmaga and Vallana. Such selection incidentally, He got the silver medal and the first success of the Spanish football history.

During the decade of the twenties of last century, duels against regional rival, el Athletic de Bilbao de Pichichi fueron upset. Vizcaino championship played hard and fought hard to see which team was the best in the area.

Arenas reach the final two more, but the lose. In 1925 Barcelona avenged the loss finals 1919 and cat water he was, and in 1927 It would be the Real Union Irun, another similar club history and is now a modest lower categories, which would deprive Cup.

Arenas Getxo, one of the founders of the League

In 1928, el Arenas, he was going to be one of those chosen to integrate and found the first Spanish First Division League. In total remained 7 seasons in the First Division but ended up falling in 1935 being in the position 12 of 12 participating teams. There began a decline that took him to the more modest categories of Spanish football and to be almost forgotten by people.

Nowadays, Arenas spends his seasons in Spanish football catamcumbas, far from the glamor of the First Division, but if one day they see, do not forget that behind that modest club, there are after more than 110 years of history, a title of Copa, three second places and a third place in the First Division, almost nothing.

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  1. Very good article, but a clarification: the monarchy 1917 He was not in exile. Alfonso XIII reigned from 1902 until 1931 (proclamation of the Second Republic).

    Antes de 1920, Real Madrid not called “Real”. Granting that title did Alfonso XIII in that year due to the successes that Real Madrid was reaping in football. Lose the name ” Real” in the Second Republic to recover Franco

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