Active players in the league with more games

Los jugadores  en activo en la Liga con más partidos

Last update 15 July, 2015 por Alberto Llopis

La Liga 2014/15 ended last May and the 2015/16 knocking on the door, we tell who are active players in the league with more matches in Primera Division. With the departure of many mythical as Xavi, Box and Iraola, return of some illustrious as Valeron and continuity of some veterans, and forties or close as Juanfran and Manuel Pablo, the classification is as follows.

  • Albert Lopo : Espanyol he debuted at the end of the twentieth century. Getafe and Depor complete his career in the top flight where sum 399 parties and where if nothing strange happens, long will exceed the 400 parties.
  • Dani Alves: the side of the Barcelona looked set to leave the League. He finally returned to renew with Barcelona where he arrived from Sevilla. A total of 393 matches in the elite.
  • Juan Carlos Valeron: con 40 years old on “Wizard” back to the top flight where despite having played several recent seasons in Second, adds up to a total of 390 parties divided between Mallorca, Atletico Madrid and Deportivo.
  • Juanfran Garcia: Levante captain left the club granota to make a living in 1997. He turned half the world and turned to team up with his always 2010. Sum 362 1st parties in their 39 years spread between Valencia, Celtic of Vigo, Zaragoza and Levante course.
  • Andrés Iniesta: the man who scored the most important goal of the Spanish football is no longer a child but after the 30, with less hair and some early graying, still retains its magic. Sum 361 matches in the elite, all with Barcelona and it seems that is here to stay.
  • Sergio Ramos: Much has been said about its renewal with Real Madrid in the summer very very warm in the White House. Either way, el “Tarzan” Camas sum 353 Games between Sevilla and Real Madrid. He is the youngest of the list by far. It has not yet reached the 30.
  • Manuel Pablo: another forties League, other veterans still standing already into the fourth decade. Become a symbol of Deportivo Coruna and despite being born in the warm Las Palmas, Manuel Pablo sum 346 1st games.
  • Fernando Navarro: Catalan became one of the leaders of the Sevilla in recent years. Antes, He had played in Barcelona where he trained, Albacete and Mallorca. He will continue his career at Deportivo which want to increase 337 parties which has already played in 1st.
  • Juanfran Torres: the side emerged from the quarry of Real Madrid but Atletico triumphed in addition to its 30 years the number of 330 matches in the elite spread between Real Madrid, the spanish, Osasuna and mattress set.
  • Gabi: the captain of one of the best history Athletics, He debuted with the mattress but had to leave in search of glory to Zaragoza before returning to the Calderon. En total 326 games played as a footballer 1st.

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