Valencia players who went from hero to villain

Jugadores del Valencia que pasaron de héroe a villano

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With Otamendi as a reference case, we recall five players from Valencia who went through different heroes to villains reasons for the ever demanding parish of Mestalla. Real idols that eventually ousted forever by tier Mestalla.

1-Nico Otamendi. Argentina is the most recent case. During the season 2014/15 It was the idol of Mestalla, the player with all identified, number one in every way. Such was his pull that covers and covers dedicated where practically appeared out of the quarry valencianista, as if his grandfather had been Mestalla and instead of Argentina, he was born in Valencia.

A spectacular season, a few offers and the Argentine arrived with his representative force the situation to end sold for a 45 million euros to the City, five fewer of its clause which in principle was not negotiable. This tactless and rebellious attitude to the party erased prior to Champions League against Monaco, It prompted the idol became devil, especially for its bad ways to pressure the club.

Otamendi ha pasado de ser el general a ser repudiado. Fotos: Superdeporte
Otamendi has gone from being the general to be disowned. Fotos: covers Superdeporte

2-Roberto Soldado. The Valencia striker was for several years a benchmark for valencianismo. El jugador, He born in Valencia but raised in Madrid footballing, was the front of a Valencia that had been somewhat orphaned after the departure of David Villa. Their good numbers, Tottenham did notice him and fichara by 30 millions.

As in the case of Otamendi, the player himself asked to leave Valencia but that was not all. His departure caused a major fire since the soldier himself out of the Valencia said he did not believe in the project that the club had in mind or above Amadeo Salvo on arrival Lim, Nuno Mendes and. We do not know if time has given reason or removed but his stay in England was not good, rather horrible and returned to Spain to play near Valencia, in Villarreal.

3-Jeremy Mathieu. The French arrived at Valencia 2009 and he left in 2014. First side and then as central, the player turned especially in recent seasons prompting Barcelona to notice him. In a controversial operation for cules and their fans all happy with the signing of a French player profile for the FC Barcelona center, the player left the Valencia not very good manners.

Como en los otros dos casos, French pressured the club to accept the offer from Barcelona for him but eventually came out clause in his contract integrates, los 20 Zubizarreta million euros paid for it. As in the case of Otamendi, Mathieu went to Valencia to bring skin to pay and go.

Mathieu de pasión valencianista a despreciado. Foto: portadas superdeporte
Mathieu de Valencia passion despised. Fotos: superdeporte

4-Pedja Mijatovic. What about the Montenegrin case. valencianista hero half of the 90, He became perhaps one of the best players in club history Mestalla. his season 1995/96 It was simply spectacular and Lorenzo Sanz Real Madrid paid for him a whopping 1000 million pesetas for the period were many pesetas, and he signed as an electoral coup. By this signing, relations between Valencia and Real Madrid were cooled and much and the fans, personally it took this signing creating a tough rivalry.

The Mijatovic itself did not help at all times since denied that he would sign for Real Madrid saying he was going to stay in Valencia and changing overnight at the Bernabeu Mestalla tomorrow. This caused him eternal disapproval of the Mestalla tier that condemned forever to be disowned. Another hero to villain as happened it was told well in his first appearance at the Mestalla after signing and that was not even Real Madrid since he was in a party of Yugoslavia to Spain in 1996.

Este cambió de camiseta provocó una oleada de odio en Mestalla hacia el Real Madrid.
This change of shirt provoked a wave of hatred towards Real Madrid Mestalla.

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