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What are the most iconic football boot in history? Sure over the years, since you were very young, had one, two or multiple pairs of boots. If you have some certain age that they were all immaculate black, If you are more current or even the use, sure that you will have all possible colors.

Over the decades they have also changed the materials and craftsmanship lifelong skin, it has given way to synthetic materials less resistant and less durable. This has favored fashion model change each 3 months driven primarily by elite footballers. As you speak of t-shirts 80 y los 90 most beautiful, te we show those that are in our opinion, algunas de las Vintage football boots best known who made history.

The Marco boots, one of the most mythical in history

Marco were the boots for excellence in amateur football and the base 80. A classic of those fields bumpy dirt in which control a ball was almost a chimera conditions. Its design was very simple and were “made in spain” but such quality, that instead of today, They lasted for years. While an urban legend said were inherited from father to son.

las botas de fútbol más míticas de la historia
The Marco boots, a classic fields of land.

The Joma boots, a revolution in color 90

During the decade 90 Joma boots were a true classic and a revolutionary. Especially with models who wore red for many years Fernando Morientes and white that behaved Alfonso Pérez. both scorers, scored hundreds of goals with these boots mythical more than one ended up buying.

las botas de fútbol más míticas
Joma mythical red and white Morientes Alfonso, They were two of the most legendary models and sold in the 90.

Kronos football boots

These boots became very famous in the feet Hristo Stoichkov. The irascible Bulgarian was a star at FC Barcelona and Golden Ball shared with Roberto Baggio in 1994 after leading his team in USA 94 Revolution being the tournament and reaching semi-finals. The Kronos were some of those mythical boots especially among late 80 and half of the 90.

las botas de fútbol más míticas de la historia
Kronos football boots were made very famous thanks to Hristo Stoichkov

The Puma King boots

Las Puma King boots were the big stars from the early 60 when one of the best players ever as Skin He made them famous, through the 70 when they were used by one of the best as Johan Cruyff until that of the 80 when another of the stars of this sport, Diego Armando Maradona He used the same model. Por el camino, other great players in the history of this sport wore this model of the brand of the feline.

las botas más míticas de la historia
The Puma King were used by the best players in the world during 3 decades. FOTO: Pinterest

Patrick football boots

They were other boots par excellence 80, used in many fields of land of the time while kicking la pelota más dura de la historia, the Mikasa. A professional level became very famous for being used by players like Michael Laudrup, Michael Platini y Kevin Keegan.

las botas de fútbol más míticas de la historia
the Patrick, one of the most legendary and well-known history boots. FOTO: Boots crack



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