Hakan Sukur, from playing the final of a World Cup to working at Uber

Hakan Sukur, from playing the final of a World Cup to working at Uber
Despite being the best Turkish player in history, Hakan Sukur makes a living driving an Uber. PHOTO: Brand

Hakan Sukur when he arrived 2002 He was the leader of the football team of his country and one of the best players of the moment. He was an idol at Galatasaray and Turkish legend Selection. So much so that he was the captain of that Turkish team that was very close to reaching the final of the World Cup 2002. We are talking about the author of fastest goal in World Cup history and the top scorer in the history of Turkey. However, his life after football has little or nothing to do with it..

best players in the history of Turkey
Hakan Sukur, the best player in the history of Turkey. PHOTO: Brand

What happened to Hakan Sukur? From Türkiye's hero to Uber driver

The turning point in the life of Hakan is as sad as surprising. The former footballer and one of the best footballers in the history of Turkey, had to go into exile from his country years after retiring due to political problems and emigrating to Palo Alto, California, in United States, where he mounted a coffee bar. Turkish hung up his boots in 2008 after playing in Torino, Inter, Parma, Blackburn y Galatasaray. His fame, She helped him climb in politics and this will also cost serious problems in your life and exile.

As he told in an interview to the American media ‘New York Times‘, his relationship with Erdogan, Turkish President, She led him to climb the ladder in Turkish politics, but it was also the same that caused his departure from politics and the country to feel persecuted and harassed. “I left the parliament and I started having problems with my business administration there. All I wanted to do was causing me problems and more problems, so I decided to go”, Hakan said John Branch, Interviewer 'New York Times’ who conducted the interview.

Hakan Sukur He therefore decided to emigrate to the United States after everything was taken away from him in his country and his fame changed, the balls and stadiums filled by a life working daily serving coffee and collecting empty plates from the tables of the place he set up with a friend called Tuts Bakery. A semifinalist of the Korea and Japan World, what in 2002 It was at the top, then influential politician from his country, became a manager and worker of his own business.

Uber Sukur
Hakan Sukur has gone from being the captain of Turkey in a World Cup and be close to reaching a final, to running a catering business. Photo: HispanTV

Had to close the business and work as an Uber driver

Due to different problems, he had to close the cafeteria and made a living as a driver of the Uber company where he has been making a living as a driver for some time.. A footballer who had it all but was forced to change his life for different reasons.

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