Former player who a tick almost left out of combat

Former player who a tick almost left out of combat
A tick on his beard, He passed through a very bitter pill to Poborsky. Photo: Twitter/Instagram/KarelPoborsky/AFP

It was a classic 90, especially when your selection, Czech Republic, She rose to prominence in 1996 when they got the feat of reaching the final of the European Championship in England 1996. A tournament that the Czechs would lose against Germany with a golden goal in extra time Oliver Bierhoff. Karel Poborsky who talked about recently counted as 2016 a tick was about to give the chagrin of his life.

The end mythical came to sign with Manchester United after that Euro, suffered Lyme disease 2016 caused nothing more and nothing less than a tick that lived in his beard. Poborsky saw half his face was paralyzed and he had to receive urgent medical treatment to eliminate infection.

Now recovered, has returned to his bushy beard grow although surely, He will watch out unwelcome visitors again have it.

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