Great Pufos of the Spanish League: Adolfo “Train” Valencia

Great Pufos of the Spanish League: Adolfo “Train” Valencia
El Tren Valencia and Jesús Gil maintained a tense relationship. PHOTOMONTAGE: hanging

Adolfo the Valencia Train, It was an international striker certain prestige, especially in your country, and one of the worst signings in the history of Atletico Madrid. In 1994, behind the USA World Cup, landed this strong striker who arrived from the Bayern de Munich. Upon arrival at Atletico, was considered one of the best forwards in Colombia.

The Valencia Train season at Atlético de Madrid by Jesús Gil

Nicknamed the train for his strength and speed, Adolfo Valencia He came to the Spanish League to be one of its scorers and the greatest athletic reference. The truth is that it was far from. His time at Atlético de Madrid was always peculiar and controversial Jesus Gil, It was far from good.

The Colombian striker failed to succeed, throwing a poor figure of six goals in the League and two in the cup., certainly very poor data for prestige and talent that is presupposed. He is almost remembered most for his unfortunate incident with Jesús Gil, when the former president of Atlético de Madrid and the former mayor of Marbella came to say about him : “The black cut his throat, I shit on the fucking mother who gave birth to the black man, I'm tired of holding on, When I don't see attitude I take care of my father” This fact, of course, It was difficult for him to provoke more than one controversy for the always controversial former athletic president.

Then like many others, ended up appearing in the Renault Kangoo advertisement

Outside the League seems to have fared better in their selection and also, but in Spain, He went down in history as one of the great fiascos of the competition. After, ended up making an advertisement for the Renault Kangoo like two other catacracks as they were Trust me y Prosinecki, that if with a few extra kilos and as far from the time when the train, He is coiling their opponents.

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