Do you know Hakan Calhanoglu?

¿Conoces a Hakan Calhanoglu?

Last update 5 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Hakan Calhanoglu surprised the Bundesliga in the season 2013/14 when he was one of the best players in a weak Hamburg that was about to lose the category for the first time in its history. Bayern Leverkusen were quick to sign this talented young player born in Germany but of Turkish origin and nationality. So far it has not disappointed.

Born in Mannheim (Germany), he 8 February 1994, he is a fast player with the ball at his feet, talented and with a set pieces hitting the height of the best. In fact, free kicks are one of the best qualities of this high-quality player. Their 11 Goals for 2013/14 they helped Hamburg save the furniture.

International by Turkey, who was quick to get their services, Not long ago he refused to go to a concentration with the Turks for fear of coinciding with his partner Gokan Torë who had precisely been away for more than a year due to an incident he had with Calhanoglu and another partner.

It looks like, during a concentration with the Turkish national team, Torë entered the room of Calhanoglu and his teammate and team OmerToprak in a drunken state.. Torah, threatened his two companions with a pistol in an action, hazing or joke that cost him a year away and that Calhanoglu and Toprak do not want to see him even in a photo. Although the official version will always be that the players did not attend due to an injury. Be that as it may, Hakan Calhanoglu is a true player of the future with a great present.

Toprak, Calhanoglu, Torë y el incidente de la pistola.
Soil, Calhanoglu, Torë and the Gun Incident. Photo:

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